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The Malcolm Maclean Pains, Troll Telefest, Canada Games and More To Say


One of the more exciting things to happen in January was when I welcomed my friend Malcolm Maclean to this part of BC for a four show weekend swing. Malcolm is the wily cowboy I was building fences with for the better part of two months last summer in the Dawson Creek district.  What was especially nice was having Allen Christie, a fairly good cowboy singer in himself, playing leads while my dear friend Lindsay “Bootsy Cline” Thompson played the double bass.  It had been a while since I was a drummer but I was right to think I could still do it.  By the end of the weekend we were a hot band.

The trip started Thurs.Jan 24th with a show at the recently re-opened Riley’s Pub then 1397531029_MalcomMacleanBandcontinued on to the Fort St.James Legion the following night for Robbie Burns Dinner.  The Legion event was complete with Lionel from Music On The Mountain Festival rendition of ‘Ode To Haggis’ and the subsequent serving of such things.  Guess I didn’t know I would like haggis.  Wasn’t so bad, I’d eat it again.  Saturday the 24th saw us end up at the Occidental in Quesnel and Sunday night we closed the trip up with a night at the Jack of Clubs Pub here in Wells.

I would call the trip mildly successful.  Malcolm was set him up with an important meeting, we introduced him to no less than 7 festivals board members, a major booking agent, a newspaper writer, two radio stations, the best sound guy in northern BC, photographers, bar owners, musicians, cowboys, farm hearted folks and the town of Wells. We got treated well and didn’t come close to losing our hats. Mission accomplished. We don’t mess around.



Due to the Canada Games Telefest was a little earlier than usual this year falling on January 30th instead of the first weekend in March.  The snow conditions have been nothing to brag about this year, but fortunately a half foot of snow fell the day before so there was lots of good riding to be done.  I did find however my favorite steep runs were already tracked out by the time I got to them.  Snowboarders got scared and put the brakes on but also succeeded in wiping the layer of powder clear off the crust beneath it, I came flying down there and realized I had no control…ate it a little and decided to stick to forest runs that were less chewed up.

IMG_5952By 2:45 I hit my last run from Silver T and rode all the way to the lodge, walked in, tuned up my guitar and pretty soon we were puttin on a show.  I did the whole show still wearing my snowboarding gear and managed to win a nice set of goggles for a door prize.  The room got dancing afte a while, a nice dinner was served, a good crowd stayed and beers were consumed.  We probably played for close to the three hours with intermittent breaks for supper, prize giveaways and the addition of a few guests on stage.  Leah opted not to sing the whole show but she came and did several duets with me while Mike’s 7 year old daughter stole the show with her country song medly which we assisted her with.

All in all, I gotta say, I just love Troll Ski Resort…family run operation, great snow, affordable, great atmosphere, lots of terrain, great verticle…everything you need.  We’ll certainly hope to stay a part of Telefest for years to come, three in a row just isn’t enough yet.



So we are on the mainstage of the Canada Games on Feb.22nd at 5:30pm.  Will be real neat to play right before the days medal ceremonies!! Gonna be a different sort of bunch backstage then I’m used to…might be a hard bunch to get smoking and drinking with us, might better just be on my best behaviour for a change. I have done it before.  Maybe one of them will let me touch their medal.

Another honor we have to announce is our participation in this years North Country Fair up by Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta.  It is one of the most prestigious festivals in the west to play!  What really made me blush was that they called us.  Most of you know, I don’t apply myself to things, or write applications, or grants or any of that shit.  So when we get asked to play a new festival it’s a real honor.

Troll Telefest poster

Troll Telefest poster

Not sure how many festivals we will be doing this summer, been busy playing 8-10 a year since 2008.  I got a second baby coming in May and this summer may be a write-off till we make adjustments in our lives.  For sure we are coming to Sweetwater 905 in Rolla BC and I can’t see myself missing Hootstock in Forest Grove.  Artswells you know we’ll be at cause it happens around my firepit.  Without any serious developments this will probably be our schedule this summer.  I have been asked about solo shows and I’m undecided.  My personal feeling is that we will have a new album out so I won’t want to play solo shows so much.  The band makes everything easier and it’s the band sound I want to get into your heads and living rooms!

Cheers for now…joe


One Year With Sean Scallion on Drums!!

Telefest 2014, Troll Ski Resort, Sat.March 1st, 4pm!!

Next weekends show at Telefest marks ONE YEAR since Sean joined the Outlaw Band.  We had Bob Campbell playing with us at that time but he wasn’t overly interested in doing gigs outside of Wells.

In January of 2013 I got a facebook message from some dude I never heard of before sayin he heard I play music and was looking to jam with someone.  I thought to myself ‘what kinda drummer in Quesnel has no one to play with, he must not be very good – or if he is he must be uncool’.  But I was wrong, he was just new to town and soon I realized that we had lots of the same friends!  We got talking a little but more and a little more until Sean called me and said that they were coming out to Wells and we should get together and pick some tunes.

The day before that happened I was asked if I wanted to play some music at Troll Ski Resort’s Telefest….next thing we knew we were at Troll playing a show without really having rehearsed and without even knowing each other a whole lot.  I soon learned that Sean was an amazing dude with a great young family, but most importantly he could play the drums like crazy.  Joel and Sean soon got the rhythm section moving like a machine and sounding good was never so much fun.  We already did lots of great shows in the last year and we’re sporting the best sound I ever had behind my songs.  What a crazy change of events.

I like to add to all this how excited we are to be partnered up with Troll Ski Resort.  It’s a family run operation with lots of terrain.  Many of the runs are excellent and we have some of the best snow in BC this year with our 300cm base.  You can catch us out there on any given day shreddin in the powder as Troll is a place I like to be seen.  On top of all that our Telefest show will be one of the rare occasions where we are playing a show that kids are allowed to be at…so we really look forward to seeing all our friends and their families!

We have some other events coming up too in the next few weeks I should tell you all about:

Feb 26th, Barefoot Caravan at the Wells Hotel, 9pm, w/Joey Only

Mar 7th, Lindsays Cabaret, Sunset Theatre, Wells BC, 7pm.  Fundraiser for young mom in town here recently diagnosed with Luekemia

Mar 15th, Fort St.James Legion, St.Paddy’s Day Piss-up, 9pm, $20

Apr 4th, Riley’s Pub, Prince George, 9pm, $10, encore Outlaw performance.



TELEVISION AND YOUTUBE: A new feature on Joey Only Outlaw Band has been produced by a show called Tracey’s Traxx to air on Quesnel Shaw Cable.  Watch for us on TV if you are in the Quesnel area otherwise you can watch it right here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXWticRVi58).

We’ve also got our hands on video from the Outlaw Band’s mainstage performance at the 10th Annual Artswells Festival which took place in August 2013.  Video will be uploaded sometime this month, it would happen sooner however our internet speed up in the mountains here is something to be desired so we will have to find another place to do this.  Also, there’s a bounty up for any and all videos fans may already have…or if you wish to film us and post the video we are prepared to offer some Outlaw band merchandise for your trouble.  It’s a big priority right now for us to get some new videos up on the net so that the world can see just how good the new lineup has become after one year together.  Here is an example of what we’re looking for shot by our friend Tracey Cochrane during the Wells New Years party…it’s a good rendition of Fire On Anarchist Mountain.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqz263UK1uo#t=12

NEW ALBUMS IN THE WORKS: After a two year hiatus and a rebuilding year I suddenly realized I’ve not released a song in FOUR YEARS!  Don’t worry, it’s about to change.  We are currently in the pre-production process of recording a brand new record with the hopes of having at the very least an EP to flog around this summer.  We have two studio options and are currently deciding on which technology to use and which songs to record.  We have a whole host of new material that the band is really happy with and we look forward to getting that down and recorded.  We hope this album will be even more successful than Transgression Trail was and that we can get our old publishing and publicity crew to come together and make another one of my records a national endeavor.

At the same time Scotty Dunbar is in Wells right now with us.  Scotty, Leah and I are working on a production for his Band Camp project.  We currently have no working title however most the songs have already been chosen and we are diligently rehearsing for what will be a much folkier and rootsy recording than what the Outlaw Band is planning.  So expect to see two new recordings available this summer on our merch table…one folky and one just plain rockin.

UPCOMING SHOWS: We are currently taking February off however we have to excellent shows planned for March.  However on February 26th the Barefoot Caravan is coming to Wells to play at our Hotel.  I will be playing with them running the lead guitar.  Another show will be planned here in Wells once Scotty Dunbar, Leah and I have finished recording our Band Camp project.

The first being at Troll Telemark Fest at our local ski hill between Wells and Quesnel, this will be our second year playing this event.  We really believe in Troll Ski Resort as it’s a family run operation, currently has the second best base in BC, it’s runs are great and it’s affordable to go there for a day.  On St.Patricks Day we plan to get back up to Fort St.James and rock out at the Legion there.  The Fort’s Legion is a very large building and my last solo show there two years ago was nearly at maximum capacity.  Everyone in the Fort knows what happens at a Joey Only show so we know it’s gonna be a gooder.

We’re already booked for several festivals and we’re very excited about them!  Last year we were given great slots everywhere we played and found the experience something to behold.  We really look forward to having Travis Charuk and Jeff Andrew join us on stage again this year.  I can’t officially announce it until contracts are signed but at one of these festivals we’ll be playing right after the SADIES and the rumor is Gord Downey will be with them on tour…and the headliner on Saturday is BLUE RODEO!  Stay tuned, will tell you where this is soon!

My beloved Stompin Tom Tribute show is currently on hiatus, but for how long is the question.  We have Earl Krushelnicki in Prince George managing that project and a trip to Dawson Creek this spring or summer is imminent as soon as all parties involved can agree on the dates.  Once we go that far you can expect we’ll be assessing the other casino’s in the region to see where else might be a good fit for this already acclaimed act.  There is a possibility we might try to do this Tom Connors Tribute in Quesnel as well, however we’re more interested in setting up a show at the brand new Occidental when it would make sense to do so.  There is an offer on the table to go out to Saskatchewan in June for a festival, negotiations are ongoing and I’m ambivalent either way on the possibility of so much travel.

Plans are also in the works now to go to Vancouver this October, one show at the Fairview Pub is already agreed upon in principal and negotiations are ongoing with venues in Whistler and Squamish…may the highest bidder win.  All confirmed shows as usual will be listed on the UPCOMING SHOWS page on this site and daily updates are generally posted on www.facebook.com/joeyonlyoutlawband.  Have no fear, just cause we only have twelve shows listed today doesn’t mean we won’t have done 50 by years end…so keep checking up on that.

OTHER TIDBITS: Amongst all that big news is some smaller news but much of it is very exciting.  We’re currently seeking sponsorships from BC breweries, we already know which one we would like to approach first so wish us luck in that department, we’re the sort of band that needs to be allied with the beer people.  I’ve also already been active with Shaw Cable in Quesnel and it appears that from time to time I will be hosting various programs on the channel on an as per needed basis.  One of our wives has been talking to Oktoberfest in Germany with hopes that in two years time we can envision doing something grander than we have ever done.  There are lots of ideas on the table and as the months go by we’ll see what actually transpires.  There’s always more to report than that….but I gots to give ye’z all a reason to visit this blog again.

Till then…remain free…joey