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Three Wax Mannequin Shows and Two Festivals

Aug16: Jack of Clubs Pub w/Wax Mannequin, Wells BC
Aug17: CJ’s w/Wax Mannequin, Williams Lake BC
Aug18: Westwood Pub w/Wax Mannequin, Prince George BC
Aug20: MUSIC ON THE MOUNTAIN, Fort St.James BC **
I got one ridiculous week ahead of me.  It starts with travelling to Dunster BC all for the chance to stand on a big stage that faces gorgeous mountains and sing to the marvellous folks that are going to ROBSON VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL.  We’re all happy because it’s a 7pm set, the only time all summer we are scheduled to play early.  There will be kids there so don’t expect us to play that stupid fucking Andrew Neville song haha.
Then next week starts off by playing a set of three shows with one of my favorite performers, Wax Mannequin.  I met him at my first Artswells, to put that in perspective this past one was my 11th.  Already then I loved what he did, there’s no one else like him.  No one else writes songs like he does or commands the stage in such an epic yet silly manner.  Wax Mannequin is as good as it gets!!  I’m glad he’s my friend and I’m glad we’ve been able to work together so much over the years despite living 4000km away.
Then it all winds up for me at MUSIC ON THE MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL in Fort St.James BC.  It’s the lastival for nearly all of us, although I do have the Barkerville Cowboy Festival coming up in September.  We have the extreme honor of sharing the stage with the legendary punk band DOA!!  I mean come on folks, this is a big frickin deal.  We go 1-2 on the mainstage that Saturday night and it is sure to be a highlight of my year.
Then things slow down before I go on the warpath to promote NO MORE TROUBLE IN THE PEACE, our band new ass kicking album.  See you on the trail folks.

Outlaw Band In Prince George: January 18th 2014


Saturday, January 18th at Riley’s Pub in the Days Inn. Tickets only $10 at the Days Inn Front Desk and at CFUR Radio office at the University. Get your tickets as a great Stocking Stuffer for your favorite “Outlaw”

We survived our epic New Years Eve with Scotty Dunbar opening and now can look forward to our next show up in Prince George! Spread the word, bring your friends, your mom, your dog, your grandpa, and even bring that boy who lives in your attic surviving on buckets of fish-heads. We might not play for so cheap too often in the future, so catch us while the price is right! We got some new material to throw at you and are on top of our game.  We loved playing Stompin Tom songs for ye’s last time we were up, but this time we’re especially excited because we’re gonna do what we do best….be ourselves. This aint gonna be no sit down and talk kinda show, this will be a flip the tables and dance on the spilled beer sort.