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Whoaa, check out this sudden crazy burst of shows on my schedule.  I’ll be in Prince George twice, Fort St. James, Dawson Creek, Rolla, Sweetwater 905 Festival, Wells and Fort St. John the next few weeks.

First is MAY 29TH at the ARTSPACE in Prince George with HIGH SOCIETY, a gaggle of great musicians who I have much personal respect and affection for.

Two days later I’m gonna pop up at an event put on by Music On The Mountain society called ARTS IN THE PARK in FORT SAINT JAMES, this goes on at COTTONWOOD PARK all afternoon on Saturday May 21st.

My next gig is a real gooder, I’ll be opening for THREE DOORS DOWN at the CN CENTRE in PRINCE GEORGE.  Last time I heard it’s a 5000 seat hockey arena and I guess this band was pretty cool at one time and a LOT of people are going.  So I’m pretty stoked, it’s always nice to be part of a professional show and meet some road warriors.  That’s JUNE 4th!

Then on JUNE 7th I’ll be up at the ROLLA PUB hanging with my homey there and singing some of my good old fashioned insanity on the guitar for you.  Maybe some friends will get up and join me.

On JUNE 10th I’ll make a stop to play at REMEDIES LOUNGE in Fort St. John, my first time ever playing a gig there.  On top of that I’ll be making two appearances at SWEETWATER 905 FESTIVAL on JUNE 13-15th.

Lastly, we’re hosting KING CROW AND THE LADIES FROM HELL at the WELLS HOTEL on June 21st.  They are a smoking celticky-punky-high energy sorta band, and the brand new incarnation of the Joey Only Outlaw Band will be opening for them there.

What a busy few weeks, I live for this!



It’s been a slog to get through winters finale here.  It’s May the 4th and it’s still snowing.  When it doesn’t snow the ground in Wells is mucky and covered in dogshit.  We been in the house a lot, or not here at all!

Nonetheless spring is coming for us, we will catch up.  Soon there’ll be festivals and all sorts of nonsense to party at.  Without a bass player the band has been on hiatus and I been doing some solo shows to try and scrape a few pennies together for my unemployed ass.  We’ve tried out a number of people and a number of options.  Some of those people were the kind I want to be around but it’s hard to find the right player for Sean and I.  Some of them were really good players but I couldn’t see them as part of the long tradition of the Outlaw Band.  Some of them were just too damn far away that I knew we’d never get back to the level we were at having to cross that distance to rehearse.  I was getting disheartened, very very disheartened about not having a band.

Nonetheless we may actually have a suitable replacement for Joel in the works.  As with any free agent I can’t promise he’s gonna wanna stick, but we’re hoping this works out and that we’ll be back playing very soon in a theatre near you.  Rumor has it he also has a double bass so we’re really hoping next weeks tryout/jam/rehearsal/what-have-you goes well!  Nonetheless it’s the first really positive development in the last two months so it gives us hope.

Also happening next week are the Corb Lund shows on May 9-10th in Williams Lake and Quesnel.  I am so stoked to be working with the sound crew for both shows as I figger Corb to have put on the best country music show in Canada over the last ten years.  Whenever I get to see them I am doing my mental homework as someday I’d like to play just a few shows to such a large and loving audience as comes to his.  With Grant Seimens amazing front man tactics while Brady and Kurt hold down the rhythm the Hurtin Albertans are a REAL band…they all play to each others large list of strengths.

My PG show went really well on my birthday last month and I got to catch the Black Spruce Bog show the next night.  I was impressed by the clout they seem to hold with PG’s student population…not to mention that they are not a phony alt-country band, they can play their chops and deserve the recognition they are starting to get.  I am always happy when a band starts getting popular if I know that they are really good people too, cause you hate to see jerks succeed in the business.  The north needs bands like them to rise up.

On the 11th I am supposed to open up for Canadiana personality Ben Rogers at the Occidental in Quesnel.  Do not miss that episode!

Other than that I got no real shows in May other than a rumor of going up to Fort St.James for a mini-MoM fest.  So far it’s just rumor.  I am looking for solo shows, will play in houses even until we can get the band up and rolling.  I’d even like to try pulling off my Stompin Tom Connors act somewheres again soon.  I need the work and my voice has never sounded so good as it has this last month……..the irony……I know….


TELEVISION AND YOUTUBE: A new feature on Joey Only Outlaw Band has been produced by a show called Tracey’s Traxx to air on Quesnel Shaw Cable.  Watch for us on TV if you are in the Quesnel area otherwise you can watch it right here (

We’ve also got our hands on video from the Outlaw Band’s mainstage performance at the 10th Annual Artswells Festival which took place in August 2013.  Video will be uploaded sometime this month, it would happen sooner however our internet speed up in the mountains here is something to be desired so we will have to find another place to do this.  Also, there’s a bounty up for any and all videos fans may already have…or if you wish to film us and post the video we are prepared to offer some Outlaw band merchandise for your trouble.  It’s a big priority right now for us to get some new videos up on the net so that the world can see just how good the new lineup has become after one year together.  Here is an example of what we’re looking for shot by our friend Tracey Cochrane during the Wells New Years party…it’s a good rendition of Fire On Anarchist Mountain.

NEW ALBUMS IN THE WORKS: After a two year hiatus and a rebuilding year I suddenly realized I’ve not released a song in FOUR YEARS!  Don’t worry, it’s about to change.  We are currently in the pre-production process of recording a brand new record with the hopes of having at the very least an EP to flog around this summer.  We have two studio options and are currently deciding on which technology to use and which songs to record.  We have a whole host of new material that the band is really happy with and we look forward to getting that down and recorded.  We hope this album will be even more successful than Transgression Trail was and that we can get our old publishing and publicity crew to come together and make another one of my records a national endeavor.

At the same time Scotty Dunbar is in Wells right now with us.  Scotty, Leah and I are working on a production for his Band Camp project.  We currently have no working title however most the songs have already been chosen and we are diligently rehearsing for what will be a much folkier and rootsy recording than what the Outlaw Band is planning.  So expect to see two new recordings available this summer on our merch table…one folky and one just plain rockin.

UPCOMING SHOWS: We are currently taking February off however we have to excellent shows planned for March.  However on February 26th the Barefoot Caravan is coming to Wells to play at our Hotel.  I will be playing with them running the lead guitar.  Another show will be planned here in Wells once Scotty Dunbar, Leah and I have finished recording our Band Camp project.

The first being at Troll Telemark Fest at our local ski hill between Wells and Quesnel, this will be our second year playing this event.  We really believe in Troll Ski Resort as it’s a family run operation, currently has the second best base in BC, it’s runs are great and it’s affordable to go there for a day.  On St.Patricks Day we plan to get back up to Fort St.James and rock out at the Legion there.  The Fort’s Legion is a very large building and my last solo show there two years ago was nearly at maximum capacity.  Everyone in the Fort knows what happens at a Joey Only show so we know it’s gonna be a gooder.

We’re already booked for several festivals and we’re very excited about them!  Last year we were given great slots everywhere we played and found the experience something to behold.  We really look forward to having Travis Charuk and Jeff Andrew join us on stage again this year.  I can’t officially announce it until contracts are signed but at one of these festivals we’ll be playing right after the SADIES and the rumor is Gord Downey will be with them on tour…and the headliner on Saturday is BLUE RODEO!  Stay tuned, will tell you where this is soon!

My beloved Stompin Tom Tribute show is currently on hiatus, but for how long is the question.  We have Earl Krushelnicki in Prince George managing that project and a trip to Dawson Creek this spring or summer is imminent as soon as all parties involved can agree on the dates.  Once we go that far you can expect we’ll be assessing the other casino’s in the region to see where else might be a good fit for this already acclaimed act.  There is a possibility we might try to do this Tom Connors Tribute in Quesnel as well, however we’re more interested in setting up a show at the brand new Occidental when it would make sense to do so.  There is an offer on the table to go out to Saskatchewan in June for a festival, negotiations are ongoing and I’m ambivalent either way on the possibility of so much travel.

Plans are also in the works now to go to Vancouver this October, one show at the Fairview Pub is already agreed upon in principal and negotiations are ongoing with venues in Whistler and Squamish…may the highest bidder win.  All confirmed shows as usual will be listed on the UPCOMING SHOWS page on this site and daily updates are generally posted on  Have no fear, just cause we only have twelve shows listed today doesn’t mean we won’t have done 50 by years end…so keep checking up on that.

OTHER TIDBITS: Amongst all that big news is some smaller news but much of it is very exciting.  We’re currently seeking sponsorships from BC breweries, we already know which one we would like to approach first so wish us luck in that department, we’re the sort of band that needs to be allied with the beer people.  I’ve also already been active with Shaw Cable in Quesnel and it appears that from time to time I will be hosting various programs on the channel on an as per needed basis.  One of our wives has been talking to Oktoberfest in Germany with hopes that in two years time we can envision doing something grander than we have ever done.  There are lots of ideas on the table and as the months go by we’ll see what actually transpires.  There’s always more to report than that….but I gots to give ye’z all a reason to visit this blog again.

Till then…remain free…joey

What Not To Do In The Wilderness

People do lots of dumb things in the bush.  Sometimes a guy put his tent at the base of a giant cliff which they thought was so astounding, only to have a giant boulder crush him and his daughter in the middle of the night.  Some people drown and freeze and trigger avalanches and get killed by beavers (that actually happened last year in the Ukraine).  But some people survive and unfortunately for them, their stories are too funny to forget.

Tod Rebel and I went on a four day mountain hike a few years ago and shared many stories between while camped up in the alpine.  He told me of his friend who flies helicopters out to the Chilcotin and how we had been hired by two expert Japanese mountaineers.  Tod really emphasized the description as EXPERT level climbers and proceeded to add how they had all the gear and had been on many of the worlds bg mountains.  So this pilot dropped them off out in the middle of nowhere and to their luck made a pass around the mountains before heading home to Williams Lake.

It had only been a couple of minutes when he came back over them and had a look downward.  To his astonishment one of the expert Japanese mountaineers seemed to be flailing around on the ground wildly.  He brought the chopper in closer to have a better look and now he could see that something was really wrong.  The other fellow seemed to be in a full out panic while this expert mountaineer could be clearly seen to be in distress.  So he landed the chopper and tried his best to get an explanation through the screaming and panic.

It turned out that when the got out of the chopper the first thing they did was apply their bug repellent, and the second thing they began to do was apply their bear repellent.  You do me, I’ll do you.

But if you think that’s stupid how about those German’s that were lost near Whistler for a few days.  They were found with their pants frozen stiff with piss and full of shit.  It turns out that someone told them that if they were lost out in the mountains ever it would be a smart idea to defecate in their own clothing.  The theory was that the warmth of the piss and shit would be beneficial, which I’m sure it was momentarily.  What I can’t figure out is why they continued to do so after it became obvious that it’s not that warm and having pants full of shit sucks.

It’s funny how someone might believe any old thing they are told.  Someone told an uncle of mine once that if you don’t have salt then piss might be a good way to get leeches to let go.  So eventually my uncle comes out of the lake and has a great big leech on his foot, so he whipped it out and started to piss on his foot.  Unfortunately for him some women unexpectedly came over the knoll and saw this bizarre man actively trying to piss on his own foot.  Nothing he yelled in explanation seemed to stop them from running the other direction.

You just can’t believe everything people tell you.

This Last Weekends Prince George Debauchery

PG rarely disapoints me.  We were set up to play at Riley’s Pub, sponsored by CFUR FM and housed at the Days Inn Hotel.  The first thing that stood out to us was how cool the staff was and how swank our hotel rooms were.  These were some real sweet rooms for country bumpkins of our likes.  I just sat there with my family eating sushi Leah had grabbed at that decent to-go joint up the street.  We don’t leave home all that often and a nice hotel and some city food made it easier.

From that moment on we preceeded to stink up the entire place.  At first the stench came on very slowly…but by nights end the rate had increased such that there were some really bad smells left in Riley’s Pub.  There was more liqour spilled that night than some bands see consumed in front of them during the course of an entire show.  The floors were sticky and the stench of stale beer greeted me when I walked in the door the next morning to get my gear, the floor so sticky that my patchcord had to be peeled off the stage as though it were duct tape.

When we hit the stage the room hadn’t completely filled, but I didn’t care because the Leafs beat the Canadians and my buddy Ryan scored me a Hockey Day In Canada toque at the Prince George Cougars game that very evening.  Before long many familiar faces arrived, the show succeeded in becoming a sellout and a resounding party.  I was very impressed at Prince George’s will to party.  The dance floor was always moving and the drinking was impressive.  Large men were showing us their tits while friends danced on the stage to songs that minutes before people had demanded in request.  This was a crowd that wanted to hear as much as we could throw at them, so four nearly four hours we did just that.

Scotty Dunbar came up on stage as well to sing my friend Andrew Neville’s smash hit Stupid Fucking Things.  Somehow we got the crowd roaring and in the end the whole bar was singing while I stood there drinking and smiling.  This was as good of audience participation as one could hope to get.  Somehow that triggered a number of friends to come up on the stage which barely fit our four member band.

Although no serious harm came of it the biggest problem was that the stage sections were sort of floppy in the middle. If I moved myself around energetically in my designated four square feet the microphone sway back and forth until it would start to bop me in the face like a woodpecker on a tree.  I learned to account for this in my limited exagerations throughout the show but the people who came to dance on my stage had no such chance.  I happened to have four beers piled up around my pedal board but as the stage began to flex, the microphone began to bop and the beers began to drop on and off the stage spilling their contents.  Why I had four beers is all due to the enthusiastic generosity of my Prince George friends.

My band played awesome.  I love those guys.  We had so much fun in the hotel rooms and in the after party at our friends house just five minutes up the street.  It was so great.  I’m sure so much more happened but for some reason I don’t remember much more of it than that.  It’s taken me a few days just to conjur all that up, I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine all this.  Sure feels like it now that I am out working in a bush camp in such a very different setting.  I guess the only thing we can do is try to repeat the evening, play another kick ass show and see if we remember any of that.

Whaddya think, should we do it again in April before the summer leaves us unavailable?

Outlaw Band In Prince George: January 18th 2014

Saturday, January 18th at Riley’s Pub in the Days Inn. Tickets only $10 at the Days Inn Front Desk and at CFUR Radio office at the University. Get your tickets as a great Stocking Stuffer for your favorite “Outlaw”

We survived our epic New Years Eve with Scotty Dunbar opening and now can look forward to our next show up in Prince George! Spread the word, bring your friends, your mom, your dog, your grandpa, and even bring that boy who lives in your attic surviving on buckets of fish-heads. We might not play for so cheap too often in the future, so catch us while the price is right! We got some new material to throw at you and are on top of our game.  We loved playing Stompin Tom songs for ye’s last time we were up, but this time we’re especially excited because we’re gonna do what we do best….be ourselves. This aint gonna be no sit down and talk kinda show, this will be a flip the tables and dance on the spilled beer sort.



With our big New Years Eve show sold out at the Jack Of Clubs Casino/Gen Store in Wells and coming up in just a few days I realized what a good year 2013 has been for the Outlaw Band.

It’s amazing that 2013 has come to a close, it was an unprecedented year for me and my band, at this time last year we weren’t really a committed band yet.  We had Bob Campbell playing drums but unwilling to commit to much outside of the Wells Hotel.  Even I wasn’t headstrong in the belief that I would ever have a working lineup again.  When I came to Wells in 2011 I all but gave up on music yet somehow Joel jumped on board with me ‘just to have fun’.  We didn’t think it would go much further than that.

All this did begin to change for the better when I had a facebook message on the Outlaw Band page from Sean Scallion, yet for over a month I didn’t take the thought of adding a committed drummer all too seriously.  My songs aren’t easy on drummers and I was skeptical.  One day in March Sean decided that he and the family were going to come out to Wells for a visit, at the same time we got a last minute emergency request to play Troll Ski Resorts TELEFEST.  So I called Sean and said ‘wanna play a gig tonight?’.  Just like that we jammed for an hour or so and I realized Sean was potentially an amazing player.  We went out the door and killed the show at the ski hill beginning a new relationship with the wonderful owners there and a new chapter of Outlaw Band history at the same time.

March was also the time that Stompin Tom Connors died which immediately brought Bill Horne and Claire Kujundzic to my door asking if we would consider doing a Stompin Tom tribute show.  Thank goodness I did because so many good things came from that night at the Sunset Theatre in Wells on June 29th.  The show was sold out with people coming from as far as Vancouver to be there as the CBC Radio hyped the show for us.   That was the night we met Earl Krushelnicki who, though I didn’t realize it at the time, would become an important business associate a few months down the road.

There were shows in the Wells Hotel, we kicked off the Quesnel Farmers Market and played the Cancer Relay Marathon in Quesnel as well .  But all those shows were just rehearsals for the bigger stages we hit over the summer.  The festival season was very good to us.  On June 15th we did our best to steal the audiences hearts at Sweetwater 905 Festival in Rolla BC.  No sooner had I stepped off the stage did Karl Mattsen appear to say ‘my dad says you’re the best act here, he likes country music more than the hippy bands and wants to make sure we book you for next year’.  Well with horse riding, thunderstorms, good friends, nice cabin to stay in, and an altogether bad ass festival I did not refuse the chance to be part of this again in 2014.

In July we hit the Billy Barker Days in Quesnel which included our last night we’ve done at the Cariboo Hotel.  The following weekend I played some at my friends wedding in Fort St.James while counting down the days to the Artswells Festival.  I had asked to play the Sunset theatre and the hotel during the festival but David Jacob Harder came to me with a serious face asking us to hit the mainstage instead honoring my part in the festivals 10 year history.  I was very proud and honored to be asked to do this.  The festival was amazing once again for us this year and it reminded me how lucky I am to live in this little neck of the woods.

The next month included a solo show at the Camballah party, a showing at Robson Valley Music Festival and a headlining slot at Music On The Mountain in the fort.  Just like that the summer was over and I was still buzzing about it as my mother and aunts came to Wells for a visit from Ontario.  I played solo at the Barkerville Cowboy Festival but later that night the band ripped it up at the Wells Hotel in honor of my family.  That was the last time we played the Hotel and it may be a while before we can do that again.

The fall quieted down with just a visit to the Bobb Inn and a trip down to Forest Grove for Halloween.  The big show for us was put on by Earl Krushelnicki, who believed in my Stompin Tom impression.  He booked us in to the Treasure Trove Casino in PG on November 16th.  The Casino bought television advertisements and we were in all the newspapers in the city, the show almost sold out but was a full house.  Everything about that night was unforgettable.

I thought moving to the mountains would be the death of my music career, instead it’s been blossoming!  There’s a lot of hardships living in Wells but we choose to be part of this community and this way of life…and we are proud that we are the town’s only band!  We’re in greater demand all the time and our price goes up a little every other month to leave these mountains and bring you lowlanders our music, I never felt so lucky.  I am offended that the Cold Snap Festival organizers consider us local to Prince George because we most certainly ARE NOT! It’s important to me that we are seen as Wells locals because we make great sacrifices to live our life here while rejecting most of the candy the outside world is eating.  We philosophically don’t see eye to eye with the city folk and never will.  It’ because of so many of the people in this town here we can say we had a really great year rebuilding this band.  You have done so much for us Wells.  I look forward to bringing you a great show for New Years Eve and many more fun times in the future.

I think 2014 is going to be something else!  Happy New Year!!