The buzz is back and already Joey is finding himself in much demand.  Adding to the available show this year was Joey’s new Stompin Tom Tribute Act.

Joey Only has played 1000 shows in 10 provinces and some territories in Canada, and is destined to be a Canadiana Country classic.  He’s a social outlaw and a political radical, a mountain man, a goldminer, a father and a Canadiana folk music hero.  Mostly he just wants to kick ass when showtime arrives using his unique cross-over of Waylon style outlaw-country pickin and down home Stompin Tom attitude towards all things Canadiana.

He can play you hours of songs about life in the north, including many of the Canadiana Classics.  He’s released 5 recordings including the album Transgression Trail which topped the Canadian College and Independent radio charts in 2010, the same album with the song Greyhoundin Guitar Man which CBC Radio 3 voted one of the most Canadian songs of the year.  They were relentless in their touring and playing, rarely taking a set break and rockin hard all night.

Today Joey Only lives in Wells British Columbia, 4000ft up where the Quesnel Highlands meet the Cariboo Mountains. There he’s worked in gold mines and the back country of Provincial Parks, renovated the Outlaw Mountain Lodge in time for it’s Artswells Festival bonfires and started a real family.  Despite surviving tuberculosis, tornadoes, lightning strikes, imprisonment, bear attacks, accidents, thousands of gigs, working at InSite, punk rock, fights, fatherhood and marriage…and not trying too hard these days to be anything in the publics eye…Joey will still give you an ass kickin, full throttle, professional outlaw country show any day you wanna pay em!


Three Doors Down, Gord Downie, The Sadies, Blue Rodeo, Anne Feeney, Geoff Berner, Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, Fred Eaglesmith, RiotFolk (Evan Greer), The Rebel Spell, Washboard Hank, Lance Loree, Steve Coffey, Jason Burnstick, Buffy St.Marie, High Society, Leela Gilday, Subhumans, Kinnie Starr, CR Avery, Bunchofuckingoofs, Poser Disposer, Mamaguroove, Wax Mannequin, Chris Chandler, The Ripcordz, Po’Girl, Flying Folk Army, Leslie Alexander, Linda McRae, Chris Chandler, Jeff Andrew, Cowpuncher, Ben Caplan, Andy Mason, David Rovics, Aurora Jane, The Re-Mains, The Creepshow, Michael Dunn, Scotty Dunbar…and lotsa more


The Persecuted (bass), Notwithstanding AE (bass), Bloodthirst (e.guitar), Little Miss Higgins (guitar/vox), Smokin 45’s (vox), Cowpuncher (bass), Washboard Hank, Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies (e.guitar), Rae Spoon (guitar/vox), Traveler (bass), Church in the Box (bass), The Arrested (drums), Hot Footed Haints (a.guitar), David Roy Parsons (everything at one time or another), T.Nile (a.guitar/vox), Knifehammer (drums/harmonica), Genghis Ghandis (e.guitar), Joel Battle (pedal steel), Liqourbox (e.guitar/vox), Denis Delorme from Prairie Oyster (guitar/vox), Party on High Street (drums), Sarah Burton (pedal steel), Scott Cook (pedal steel), Canadian Waste (bass), Party on High Street (drums), Dave Soroka (bass), Folky Strum Strum (lead guitar).

FORMER OUTLAWS AND OUTLAW STAND-INS: Kenan Sungur, Rick McCallion, Jeff Andrew, Christina Zaenker, Rowan Lipkovits, Raghu Lokanathan, Pablo, Joel Stern, Sean Scallion, Linda McRae, Case Letinga, Ken Hermandson, Steve Loree, Spider Bishop, Jamie Guitar, J.t. Wisteard Peterson, Nick Pickins, Landon Chatterton, Tom Jones/Al=The Remains, Jonah Toulmin, Marcos X, Tobias Meiss, Brin Porter, Dan Infecto, Scotty Dunbar, Steve Loree, Lance Loree, Rod Nowicki, Luke Stackhouse, Steve Drake, Dave Soehner, Pat Philips, Hurricane Harley Hoeft, Micah Smith, Christopher Suen, Bob Campbell, Noah Walker, Travis Charuk and many more on many nights I ought to have remembered.  Remind me if you’ve stood in on my shows, but don’t remind me if yer playing went to drunken shit.

NOTABLE PERFORMANCES:  Geoff Berner’s CD release Widow Bride, Kispiox Folk Fest, Under the Volcano Fest, North Country Stomp, Brandon Folk Fest, Arts on the Fly Fest, 8 consecutive Artswells Festivals, four consecutive Music on the Mountain Festivals, two Robson Valley Music Festivals, two Under the Volcano Festivals, Cariboo Cloggeroo/Stompin Tom Tribute, Wise Hall with Flying Folk Army, four consecutive years as one of the house bands at the Palomino during Calgary Stampede, Spiderland Punkfest, two consecutive Snowboot Balls in Smithers, Rossland Winter Festival, two consecutive Winlaw Music Festivals, Billy Barker Days in Quesnel, Stompin Tom Tribute at Treasure Cove Casino….and many wild nights in random Canadian bars.

“An anarchist sort of Stomping Tom Connors,” Bob Nixon, Canada Now, CBC News.

“The voice of the movement,” Dr. Heidi Rimke PHD, professor of sociology at the University of Winnipeg

“Joey Only’s life reads like a list of immeasurable feats,” Joelle May, ModMay Promotions.

“I like him WAAAAY better than Fred Eaglesmith,” CR Avery.

“…sounds a bit like a defiantly DIY version of a young Bob Dylan, this being partly because of Onlys world-weary voice and partly because of his phrasing,” Mike Usinger, Music editor of the Georgia Straight, August 2005.

“In our humble opinion he might be the next Utah Philips,” 16th Annual Under the Volcano programme 2005.

“Joey comes from the Marmora area, a place that’s only got two names in the phone book…and Only is one of them,” Washboard Hank.

“Joining Washboard Hank is Vancouver’s own Joey Only-that is if the pig magnet doesn’t get arrested on the way to the show,” Georgia Straight ‘Straight Choices” section October 26th, 2006.

“Joey Only a textbook example of effective activism,”title of Edmonton SEE Magazine article in May 2006.

“Joey Only provided a clearcutting tone to help project the bands messages, whether they were political or an invitation to party. He also fused his country/bluegrass sound with his advanced skills by playing very nice solos,” Dheni Walsh, Capilano College Courier, February 2007.

“Craziest band to ever play here,” the staff at the Palomino Smokehouse in Calgary

“Best show the Ironwood (Calgary) has seen in a long time,” Steve Coffey (of Steve Coffey & the Lokels 2009)

“The OUTLAWS are the real deal! Last thursday at the Rose & Crown in Banff, 3 hours non-stop boot-thumping kung fu country,” Kenny Konrad, a Kootenay roots musician.



CALL US AT: 250-994-3343




12 responses to “BIO/CONTACT

  • Smokey Dymny

    Hi Joey,

    My long distance friend John, who used to manage the political song collection at Glasgow Caledonian University has apparently split from them for what seem to be political reasons. He has this amazing new blog which you might want to send songs to.
    I’m inspired by his site to maybe buy a digital video cam and start making
    new song clips. Any ideas?
    I also started a Little Red Songbook blog but the IWW won’t host the mp3s of songs so it’s going slowly.

    How are you these days? I heard you moved away from the city.
    Have you got any pictures of your new place?
    My Quadra Bike School has started up with one student so far.
    If I get up to 4 students per six week session I’ll be doing fine.

  • curtis patrick

    hey joey this is curtis patrick i live in pg when can i see u give me a call man i miss u lol beeen too long my numbers 250-596-3675

  • Robert Tisi

    Joey Only is the most authentic musician you’ll find anywhere because his beliefs and his music are not separated whatsoever and this degree of authenticity will scare the shit out of most of society but for those of us who make our living in the trenches and the fringes, he’s a true patriot and legend in an quiet kind-of-way. Thanks Joe

  • Ben Jammin

    Hey there! I was just wondering if you were looking for more people to write blog post’s on your site here.
    If you would like to read some of my stuff feel free 🙂
    you can find contact information on my blog!

  • rebeljill98

    saluton from o$aKKKa. longtime no see. do you remember me? was an activist of homeless liberation struggle in osaka. i still try to do same…

  • Ed hanrahan

    Bass player stand up electric jeryjones band shannon matter band the milburn mountain band and many others rock blues bluegrass jazz and country we met at the kispiox festival you played bass in a klezmer type band awsome. Maybee we should jam and talk.i have played with sean before ed hanrahan 250-983-5440

  • Dallas

    Saw your Russell Willams post and think you might want to do one on this:

    • joeyonly

      WOW!!! I was an air cadet for years in Trenton…how upsetting to see this, although I shouldn’t be surprised. Wherever there are strangers working with young people there are perverts trying to get involved…nothing is sacred, just ask the Catholic Church.

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