This Last Year – What Exactly Did Happen!?!?!

So yeah, sorry folks…I took a year off of blogging.  I don’t even know why.  I guess 2015 was a pretty hard year.  Had some friends I really respect die, my wife gave birth to a son and there was a lot of adjustments to make in life.  However I feel optimistic right now as we are on the cusp of putting out a very cool record which we started recording in March 2015.games3  In many ways we are at the top of our game, in many ways we proved it last year.

There were a lot of cool things that happened in 2015 though, if I am down about last year it wasn’t for lack of excitement.  I should be ashamed to have been so unappreciative of it. We get spoiled with good times and when some tragedies happen it takes a while for us to see how lucky we really are.

A great example was our appearance on the mainstage of the Canada Games in Prince George last winter.  A lot of people thought we didn’t belong where the pros go, but we proved them wrong.  The big stage is the stage we do the best with, in front of thousands of people in downtown Prince George we got to prove as much.  It was an incredible night to for us to say the least.games2

I think the guys favorite part was that we had a bar in our greenroom…with our own bartender!!  That and the hotel we stayed at had all our friends from MoMfest and Folky Strum Strum and more put up.  You can imagine some of the mischeif we all got up to.

There were some other good gigs in the spring such as the Safety Meeting Series in Williams Lake and my ridiculous birthday in Prince George.  Meanwhile we were recording tracks for our upcoming album NO TROUBLE IN THE PEACE at the Shaw Cable Studio in Quesnel.  In another session that spring we had Adam Farnsworth rocking out on a piano at our friend Gord’s house while we recorded every tasty bit he hammered out.

Unfortunately a lot of the events of that time were overshadowed by what was the most tragic of all the deaths that happened in our circle, the passing of the Rebel Spells frontman Todd Serious in March.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the way he left us, some things are just like that.  Some people are harder to let go.

However May changed things up a little as my son Waylon-Huxley came into the world for us.  I’m looking at him right now, he’s giggling in his high chair.

June brought about the first tour of any kind the new Outlaw Band had ever undertaken.  It began with a trip up to Sweetwater 905 Fest in Rolla BC where Sean Scallions van broke an axle leading to an entire episode of hillbilly hilarity on the Sweetwater Ranch.  Needless to say family-HankHill Mystery Cowboy and his knowledgeable friend Kenney slapped a rear end from a non-corresponding vehicle on there and made it work.  Because of all this I missed a fair bit of the festival but was happy nonetheless to get some stage time singing with Washboard Hank.

From there we began our trip to Calgary only to have bassist Eddie’s RV blow up…which he solved by renting another in Grande Prairie and arriving to the Ironwood not 25mins before our show began there.  Calgary was probably the lowest point of the year in some ways after multiple breakdowns and playing with an opening act that I decided I didn’t respect very much.  Fortunately we had good friends in Cowtown to hang with and that made all the difference.



Then we beamed up to Edmonton to rock out like heroes before getting a gig in Red Deer with Ol Boots and the Hoots.  But the main reason we were on the road in the first place was to get up to North Country Fair for our 1am slot on Friday night.  We rocked it good, it was a whisky filled affair. I may have even made a fool of myself (jury’s out on that) but it sure was as much fun as a band can have.  After all, NCF is a legendary festival, being invited to come play was something we should have taken more seriously…but we’re outlaws, we do what we do.  Everytime we do it a little different, this time we went all out.  We left the crowd demanding an encore, so we feel pretty good about our set nonetheless.

Karl Mattson lifting Sean's van.

Karl Mattson lifting Sean’s van.

Our presence at Hootstock was short but noteable.  Artswells was awesome as usual.  Camballah was a little less crazy this year, no guns were shot, no one fell off a horse and no all terain vehicles were destroyed.  It was a sure sign that we are all getting older and becoming parents.  We made a music video for the Party on High Street out at the Bobb Inn in between all of this chaos.  Music on the Mountain was moved to a new and improved location as well ending our summer festival season with an incredible northern lights show on the Saturday night.  The last thing on my list was Barkerville Cowboy Festival.

Basically we ended the year off with a Stompin Tom Tribute show hosted by Barkerville Brewery at the Occidental in Quesnel.  Our biggest commitment has been working on the album…we are nearly done the mixing but still have some work to do before we can release it.  The most important thing is to pay our publicist…but the good news is you can go to  and throw a donation to our project our way there…


…and everyone who donates a respectable sum will be rewarded with a new album delivered by us!!


Cheers, hoping 2016 is a great year!


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