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Anti-Petroleum Movement Targetted, Halifax Terrorists Aren’t Terrorists Because They’re Nazi’s, and more being added today



Obviously the government has no clue as to how weak, impotent and unable to work together the left actually is.  Besides the fact that most the left can’t stand actually working together no one their right mind is actually scared of Greenpeace.

Beyond that tragic fact the idea espoused by the RCMP is dangerous and just plain untrue.  They insinuate that the PRO-petroleum movement is not a danger to Canada’s long term security.  Their definition of security is flawed in that they speak cheifly of economic and energy security without any mention of the dangers that oil dependence pose to the nation.

I mean you can’t pretend that it was the ‘anti-petroleum movement’ folk who blew up an entire town in Quebec last year.  The energy sector blew up Megantic all by itself.

It certainly wasn’t some hippies who spilled millions of litres of oil every time a train derailed.  It wasn’t the general public who made billions by slamming toxic fracking chemicals and other shit into the groundwater.  Are these real security concerns.

Climate related disasters are increasingly causing more and more loss of life to people and property, models suggest the burning of fossil fuels will have major impacts on every country on the earth .  Certainly the anti-petroleum movement wasn’t responsible for all those oil workers who got killed and injured on the job last year by being buried, eaten by bears, crushed or ripped apart.

It wasn’t our fault Alberta built it’s economy geared for rapacious resource extraction and had no other plan for the people for when it all came crashing down.  Fort McMurry is an eyesore to everyone but Stephen Harper and his RCMP collaborators.  Is it not obvious the greatest threat to Alberta’s financial security was their own short sighted greed that they promoted and defended with the club?

Alberta is like the grasshopper who partied all summer while the ants worked to prepare for harder times.  That was their doing.  The people who will suffer indignities now because of their economic collapse must know that the greatest threat to their personal security was the government itself.

When environmental and climate disaster become so severe there will be shortages of food and water to the point where resource wars will become the new face of modern imperialsm.  The world is becoming destablized and the best response the top people in our country have is to point at the critics with the intention of attack.  Their version of security is to send the police or the brownshirts into your home to steal your very life, that with bullying and intimidation the rich can continue to get their way while putting us all at peril.



Too bad all that Nazi skinhead stuff was found cause for a minute there maybe they had us all convinced that the plan to go shoot innocent people on Valentines Day wasn’t going to be culturally motivated.  Why would the RCMP and Conservative Party protect those assholes like that?

The next few paragraphs are from one of my favorite minds in the country John Clarke from Ontario Coalition Against Poverty:

In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause”

Those alleged to be behind the Halifax shooting plot showed an interest in Nazi and other racist causes. They, however, were only ‘misfits’ and not terrorists because they weren’t Muslim or ‘one of the jihadist monster’s tentacles’ as the Prime Minister would put it. If you doubt that, consider what Nova Scotia RCMP Assistant Commissioner Brian Brennan had to say about these people.

“I wouldn’t characterize it as a terrorist event. I would classify it as a group of individuals that had some beliefs and were willing to carry out violent acts against citizens,”

The agenda at work here really couldn’t be more clear, could it? Readiness to use political violence alone won’t pass the test. When it comes to the terrorist label, non Muslims need not apply.




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