A List of My Prefered Gear In Case You Want to Know What I Like

My gear list in case you were ever interested to know what I prefer to use.  You could consider this a review and a stamp of approval as this gear has suited me for a long time now.

When I play electric I use the Fender Bluesmaster Deluxe 40Watt re-issued-classic design tube amp. I think the blues players tended to like this amp more than country guys, but it has enough reverb for my taste and it’s crazy loud amp.  I rarely have it above 1 when I play a show with it.  It has the sharp clickety clack clean tone I like as does the guitar I play.

I have the classic re-issue tele with all the vintage hardware circa 1950’s. It’s actually a Mexican tele but it’s the most expensive tele the Mexican factory makes which when I bought it new was $1300. Truthfully I went to L&M in Saskatoon intending to buy an American tele and was prepared to spend around that kind of money.  What was crazy was that after playing 10 different American tele’s none of them seemed quite so nice in my hands as that Mexi…and none of them quite had the same sound.  Perhaps it’s a fundamentally solid tele…or sometimes you just get one that’s better than all the other ones the company makes.  Basically you can’t play a telecaster through an amp Fender didn’t make unless you get something special…the PigsNose amp was pretty nice, but not the power of the bluesmaster.

I rarely use pedals but I do have a pedal board which features generally the Blues Driver and Crybaby Wah-wah…I switch up pedals when I use them, but those two are always on the board. My pedal board is a home-made jobie and I have a crazy selection of pedals which I ironically never seem to use.  A lot of shows I just pick a nice clean tone and stick with it all night.  Sometimes I been known to use a volume pedal for solos.  Lately I been playing the accoustic more and have brought on some different people to play country leads.  I find it allows me to focus on singing nicer and being more of a showman, looking at the audience more than jamming out psychadelic country looks facing my bandmates.

Accoustic…I just bought a black Tacamime this summer, it was the cheapest of all the accoustic guitars I surveyed, but I was sold on it’s composite body as coming to and from the mountains to the drier low country affects guitars after varrying lengths of time. The composite body shouldn’t warp so easily.  If you are looking for a good first guitar there’s no reason to cheap out, the Tak’s are nice…however my first accoustic was a Yamaha 310, mom used to run the Madoc Music store and she always liked selling them cheap Yammy’s to first time buyers.  Good price, good instrument…pretty basic.  Mine was stolen…the next one I had after that was an Art and Lutherie, it’s gone across Canada so many times it’s beyond tuneable.

I also got a Fishman acoustic guitar amp, they are nice, they work like a DI and a monitor!  I find it usually allows me to not have the acoustic guitar coming out of the monitor…which creates a seperation sonically and allows me to sing a little nicer..there’s less coming at my face I guess, not sure how to explain that but it works.

I also have a vintage Marlin pedal steel, Nashville set up.  A 5 string fender bass guitar.  A Yorkville bass cab with a 250W Fender Bass head.  Drum workshop double kick pedals on my drums, the drums themselves are shit but with a good tuning and good heads they play nice…plus a bad-ass snare whose name escapes me.  More accoustics, 2 more out of service electric guitars, piano, home-made mando, harps, ukes, 5 more guitars…you name it.  Collected a lot of shit.

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