October Was a Quiet Month But…Shows in November Again

Wasn’t too much for shows since the last time I wrote to you all on this here blogaroo.  There were two solo nights at the Occidental in Quesnel which is threatening to become a monthly routine..it’s fun to play there, the sound quality and attention to detail is beyond the wildest dreams of most bars.  The full band will be there on November 29th, a Saturday, so get ready Quesnel, it’ll be a huge deal to have us playing in there finally as a band.

Also in late September was another fabulous Bobb Inn party.  After a hiatus we finally felt ready to get back together after what was a really busy summer, so we’ve been rehearsing now.  We also played at the Wells Hotel 200m from my house in a last minute effort to try to raise some money for a senior citizen who lost everything in a nearly tragic fire last week.  It was a last minute event but we still raised $340 for her and had fun with who could be there in the Pub, it is quiet season in town here…no tourists, even the locals seem to be either busy as all hell gettin ready for winter or not here at all.

Other things have happened over the last month though.  We aired our last and final episode of Tracey’s Traxx  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KljYL1gL-H8) on Shaw Cable Quesnel.  It largely features an interview with myself and Linda McRae, I’m not a fan of my hair in the interview, but other than that it is quiet nice to have this chit chat between me and my old friend immortalized.  What’s really cool though is that in the wake of that show ending we are starting to work on a brand new show for Quesnel Shaw Cable Access called THE CARIBOO REVIEW.  The first thing we’re gonna shoot is the last ever (we hope not) Mamaguroove show at the Occidental this Halloween with Tax Free Liqour.  Hopefully before the new year we’ll be airing shows.

Jian Gomeshi talked about me and played Birthday Blizzard Busride Blues on his former show Q…right before the whole world found out that he is some kind of perverted and potentially violent jerk…exactly how bad no one can say for sure.  So I just squeeked in there before his whole world fell apart.  Pretty cool huh.

On November 8th I’ll be at the Seniors Centre in downtown Prince George doing my Stompin Tom Tribute show for CFIS Radio.  Don’t let the venue name fool you, it’s a serious room and we’re gonna kick the living shit out of the floors to raise some money for CFIS Radio.  Tickets aren’t cheap, but they will sell out, get them now.  From where?!?! I don’t know…I just play music.  We’ll also be up in Fort St.John on Saturday November 22nd and as I said at the Occidental in Quesnel November 29th.  Try to catch a show if you can.  I got another Stompin Tom Tribute show that’ll run December 19th at the Quesnel Legion!  The most exciting show that’s coming up on the horizon I can’t even tell you about yet cause the contract isn’t signed…so hopefully in next months blog there’ll be something to boast about.

I got interviewed by a Prince George newspaper and the interviewer said I was far more engaging than that Johnston guy from the Doobie Brothers.  So there I was at the CN Centre checking out the Doobie Brothers cause we got free tickets and everything.  Pretty sweet show I guess, musical proficiency beyond reason.  I think the world needs an Outlaw Band with that sort of execution.  We aim to make it happen!  What I don’t want to be is just another band replaying the same tired old hits to a mindless audience…BUT…to the Doobies credit, they all look great, sound great, were jumpin around and having fun.  I’m glad I got to see anothe legendary act before they stop touring forever.

In our rehearsals we’re getting ready for a new album…we’ve already added these new songs I’ve written in to the show, ran through many of them live for the first time at the Wells Hotel and I was mostly happy to have six new tunes run so smooth. Helps to have a hot lineup of free agents, we still boast Sean Scallin who’s been with me now since March 2013…replaced Joel with Ed Hanrahan on the big double bass…and our newest secret weapon has been the rippin tele shreds of Mike Morneau.  We got a little ways to go be as hot as I know we can, but this is a solid line-up that can stick together for a while.

Soon we’ll be recording a record and these songs will be in your Ipods!  Sean’s favorite is WALKER ROCK, while I like TROUBLE IN THE PEACE.  Leah sings real nice back-ups in NORTH OF NUMBER SEVEN and LET ME COMFORT YOU.  NOBLE WAYS OF THE COWBOY SOLDIER is a true story about a young man we know that was killed in Afghanistan while COLD WOODEN BOX and STOMPIN TOM STORY were inspired by my love of the man.  Can’t wait to have the album recorded, seems so far away….but soon enough you can all have a copy of NO MORE TROUBLE IN THE PEACE.


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