It’s been a slog to get through winters finale here.  It’s May the 4th and it’s still snowing.  When it doesn’t snow the ground in Wells is mucky and covered in dogshit.  We been in the house a lot, or not here at all!

Nonetheless spring is coming for us, we will catch up.  Soon there’ll be festivals and all sorts of nonsense to party at.  Without a bass player the band has been on hiatus and I been doing some solo shows to try and scrape a few pennies together for my unemployed ass.  We’ve tried out a number of people and a number of options.  Some of those people were the kind I want to be around but it’s hard to find the right player for Sean and I.  Some of them were really good players but I couldn’t see them as part of the long tradition of the Outlaw Band.  Some of them were just too damn far away that I knew we’d never get back to the level we were at having to cross that distance to rehearse.  I was getting disheartened, very very disheartened about not having a band.

Nonetheless we may actually have a suitable replacement for Joel in the works.  As with any free agent I can’t promise he’s gonna wanna stick, but we’re hoping this works out and that we’ll be back playing very soon in a theatre near you.  Rumor has it he also has a double bass so we’re really hoping next weeks tryout/jam/rehearsal/what-have-you goes well!  Nonetheless it’s the first really positive development in the last two months so it gives us hope.

Also happening next week are the Corb Lund shows on May 9-10th in Williams Lake and Quesnel.  I am so stoked to be working with the sound crew for both shows as I figger Corb to have put on the best country music show in Canada over the last ten years.  Whenever I get to see them I am doing my mental homework as someday I’d like to play just a few shows to such a large and loving audience as comes to his.  With Grant Seimens amazing front man tactics while Brady and Kurt hold down the rhythm the Hurtin Albertans are a REAL band…they all play to each others large list of strengths.

My PG show went really well on my birthday last month and I got to catch the Black Spruce Bog show the next night.  I was impressed by the clout they seem to hold with PG’s student population…not to mention that they are not a phony alt-country band, they can play their chops and deserve the recognition they are starting to get.  I am always happy when a band starts getting popular if I know that they are really good people too, cause you hate to see jerks succeed in the business.  The north needs bands like them to rise up.

On the 11th I am supposed to open up for Canadiana personality Ben Rogers at the Occidental in Quesnel.  Do not miss that episode!

Other than that I got no real shows in May other than a rumor of going up to Fort St.James for a mini-MoM fest.  So far it’s just rumor.  I am looking for solo shows, will play in houses even until we can get the band up and rolling.  I’d even like to try pulling off my Stompin Tom Connors act somewheres again soon.  I need the work and my voice has never sounded so good as it has this last month……..the irony……I know….


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