Nancy O’s – Downtown PG – Thursday April 17th, $10.


It’s been a long winter up high here in the Cariboo Mountains.  In the last month I got hit by a transport, Joel had to quit the band due to his hands, Leah got rear ended, the Leafs fell out of the playoffs and I basically quit my job out of frustration.  There was more, but I’ll leave it at that.  If something could go wrong, it did.

So I been going through lots of existential angst seeing my 35th birthday on the horizon and having to reset everything I worked for in my life (outside my family) to zero.  I been tempted to despair.  I realized that the thing I needed to do for myself was get out and face my aging straight on and relieve the tension a little of these life events, perhaps even put a couple dollars in the account.  I figured I should go to the city and do what I love doing the most, sharing my music and drinking beers with my friends.  It may just shake me from this funk and allow me to not feel like a victim in this whole aging-process-thingy.

I aim to play an assortment of material rooted in my life story including the songs that I sang so many years ago.  This is gonna be a fun show for me and for you.  The whole purpose of it is to make myself get excited about life, cause I aint an old man yet….but time is short, we have work to do and songs to sing before that fat lady does so for herself.

Hope to see all my friends there…

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