So I guess I’ll make it official. Joel physically can’t play anymore, we have no bass player and are not accepting band gigs for the time being. We knew this problem with his hands would come to a head some day, but were hoping it never would. We’ll find a way to meet our festival commitments this coming summer, beyond that we’re on hiatus and bar shows are cancelled.

Knowing the awesome sound and comraderie we had as a unit may never be again is pretty hard, especially as we’re not likely to find someone as cool as Joel or who can play like him. I’m in mourning…and feeling like I have no show left to give, at least for the immediate future.  Maybe in time that’ll wear off, maybe in time some incredible bass player will land at our door….though being out in the mountains bass players are a hard thing to replace.

Didn’t expect when I moved to Wells I’d ever have a band so rad as we did, especially this last year since Sean joined the gang…we feel really fortunate. Hopefully someday Sean Scallion, Leah Martin and I are back at er someone else anchoring the low end…will just have to convince some hot bass players to move to Wells.

If I seem discouraged recognize this isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this since 2006.

THE LONG LIST OF OUTLAW CASUALTY BASS PLAYERS: Joel Stern, Rick McCallion, Tobias Meiss, Dan Infecto, Justine Fischer, Marcos X, Luke Stackhouse….PLUS: Micah Smith, Rod Nowicki, Jamie Guitar, Landon Chatterton, Hurricane Harley, Spider Bishop and probably more I forgot about.


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