The Way Is In Strategy

Some ongoing thoughts from Dr.Joey Only…

Strategy is:  When you are willing to learn from the nine things you did wrong and win on the tenth try.  When you understand losing your thinking mind will have a greater drive to win.

If you aren’t willing to face your weaknesses you won’t be able to defend them.  Narrow your eyes till they are slightly out of focus.  In this way you can see far and near while your peripheral vision is able to detect movement as the eyes are not focused on any one thing.  You should do that while breathing properly so that seeing the game unfold becomes a meditation where you can even look within simultaneously.  In hockey the play unfolds fast, the eyes cannot be focused on one thing and the mind must be free to mechanically push the play in the right direction.

A small movement that creates a large effect is always the best way to go.  In business many have learned to incorporate an understanding of psychology in their doings.  It’s one thing to say you are a pacifist while sitting on your hands and doing nothing, it’s another to make bold impacts with small movements while making no claims.  Less energy spent to have a bigger result is the basis of sound strategy.  If you reveal too much your intentions will be known and can be adapted to.  Never raise your voice, always keep them guessing, always surprise them with your ideas and work ethic.



Just a few of the things I want to tell you all.


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