This Last Weekends Prince George Debauchery

PG rarely disapoints me.  We were set up to play at Riley’s Pub, sponsored by CFUR FM and housed at the Days Inn Hotel.  The first thing that stood out to us was how cool the staff was and how swank our hotel rooms were.  These were some real sweet rooms for country bumpkins of our likes.  I just sat there with my family eating sushi Leah had grabbed at that decent to-go joint up the street.  We don’t leave home all that often and a nice hotel and some city food made it easier.

From that moment on we preceeded to stink up the entire place.  At first the stench came on very slowly…but by nights end the rate had increased such that there were some really bad smells left in Riley’s Pub.  There was more liqour spilled that night than some bands see consumed in front of them during the course of an entire show.  The floors were sticky and the stench of stale beer greeted me when I walked in the door the next morning to get my gear, the floor so sticky that my patchcord had to be peeled off the stage as though it were duct tape.

When we hit the stage the room hadn’t completely filled, but I didn’t care because the Leafs beat the Canadians and my buddy Ryan scored me a Hockey Day In Canada toque at the Prince George Cougars game that very evening.  Before long many familiar faces arrived, the show succeeded in becoming a sellout and a resounding party.  I was very impressed at Prince George’s will to party.  The dance floor was always moving and the drinking was impressive.  Large men were showing us their tits while friends danced on the stage to songs that minutes before people had demanded in request.  This was a crowd that wanted to hear as much as we could throw at them, so four nearly four hours we did just that.

Scotty Dunbar came up on stage as well to sing my friend Andrew Neville’s smash hit Stupid Fucking Things.  Somehow we got the crowd roaring and in the end the whole bar was singing while I stood there drinking and smiling.  This was as good of audience participation as one could hope to get.  Somehow that triggered a number of friends to come up on the stage which barely fit our four member band.

Although no serious harm came of it the biggest problem was that the stage sections were sort of floppy in the middle. If I moved myself around energetically in my designated four square feet the microphone sway back and forth until it would start to bop me in the face like a woodpecker on a tree.  I learned to account for this in my limited exagerations throughout the show but the people who came to dance on my stage had no such chance.  I happened to have four beers piled up around my pedal board but as the stage began to flex, the microphone began to bop and the beers began to drop on and off the stage spilling their contents.  Why I had four beers is all due to the enthusiastic generosity of my Prince George friends.

My band played awesome.  I love those guys.  We had so much fun in the hotel rooms and in the after party at our friends house just five minutes up the street.  It was so great.  I’m sure so much more happened but for some reason I don’t remember much more of it than that.  It’s taken me a few days just to conjur all that up, I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine all this.  Sure feels like it now that I am out working in a bush camp in such a very different setting.  I guess the only thing we can do is try to repeat the evening, play another kick ass show and see if we remember any of that.

Whaddya think, should we do it again in April before the summer leaves us unavailable?


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