Top 10 Outlaw Band Prince George Moments

To prepare for January 18th’s big show at Riley’s Pub I thought I would share with you now the Top 10 Joey Only Outlaw Band Moments in Prince George B.C.  This was a tough one because there were a lot of really crazy ones over the years, but some of them just have that certain panache that delegates them to the memory column.
10.BOB WAYNE/JOEY ONLY SHOW TURNS UGLY (2008): The legendary American outlaw Bob Wayne and I ended up at the Riverstone Pub (or whatever it’s called), had 80 people in the room at $10/head and rocked the show.  First the bar called the police on punk kids drinking in the parking lot, then they tried to pay us $100 for both bands and then it got really ugly.  There was a lot of arguing, a physical confrontation between me and a bouncer (who wasn’t actually employed by the owner) in which a punch was thrown and lots of hostility.  We knew they were going to blow our remaining $700 on coke and were ready to go to war.  The next day we returned and got significantly more money by threatening to cause a scene.  Bob Wayne also went home with someone he picked up while playing the show!

9.KILLING AN OWL ON THE WAY HOME (2008): After a 6.5hr death defying Sunday drive through a blizzard we got to Books and Co. to play with Illicit Dissent then immediately left for Vancouver.  The highlight of that drive was a spinout next to a snowplow whose driver was screaming while I accepted a death that did not come.  On the way home at 2:30AM a giant owl dove at our headlights bouncing off the van with an absolute thud.  Then at 3AM we drove through herds of deer, some of which were pasted to the front of a parked semi we passed.  We all thought we were going to die.

8.BIG GAMBLING VICTORY (2013): After our Stompin Tom Tribute show at the Treasure Cove Casino last November we all went drinking near the slot machines.  In front of a crowd of P.G. friends there I won $35 on the slot machine by connecting the mystical native american images.

7: The Cadillac Ranch Show (2007): The show sold 260 tickets even though it was a Sunday night, people were lined up outside.  The best part was when we first arrived to set up they gave us chicken wings, pizza, 24 beers, nachos, ribs and all sorts of other wicked shit.  Said band member Rowan, ‘it was awesome’.

6: CRAZY ARTSWELLS FUNDRAISER (2008): When Raghu and Jeremy opened the show the room was full of an older crowd who quietly watched while all the punk kids were getting drunk outside.  Then the punk kids all staggered at once in as we were about to start and were acting crazy, many of the old folks were quite surprised!

5: DAVID ROY PARSONS SHOW (2011): When Dave released Time and Travel I went to Books and Company to play with him and Jeremy Stewart.  They asked me to do a solo set which I wasn’t prepared to do.  The crowd was really old, drinking tea and many were knitting.  I was sober and out of practice, every song I started to sing I realized one verse in that this was not an appropriate choice for these kinds of people.  I couldn’t stop swearing by accident. I was dumbfounded on what to do.

4: THROATKICK PUNKHOUSE (2007): It was an after party that went on till 5AM.  Right when everyone had finally quieted down to go to sleep someone decided to play drums in the rooms right next to me as loud and crazy as they could.  No one in the house acted like anything was out of the ordinary. Band members talked about that for a long time.

3: SMASHED WINDOW (2007): Also the same night as the Throatkick punk house incident. Our first show we ever did in PG was at the tail end of a trip out to the prairies and back.  Just 10kms from the city on the Jasper side a rock caromed of the trailer wheel and with a SMASH took out the back window.  I turned around and seen all the band members covered in broken glass!

2: CANADIAN WASTED: All the after parties with my Neil and all the times he let us stay at his pad. Spencer, Nigel, Nita, Jay and the rest of the gang with too many to name. Truly the best times have always been off the stage with our amazing friends.  The whole 3rd Ave Collective, who put on that amazing double bill I did with Jeff Andrew, have always been a bunch that I held in high esteem.  You always made going to PG worth the trip.

1. THE NUMBER ONE?: It hasn’t happened yet.  It’s gonna go down this January the 18th at Riley’s Pub.  See you there!


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4 responses to “Top 10 Outlaw Band Prince George Moments

  • unwashedmass

    The next day we returned and got significantly more money by threatening to cause a scene.

    No mention of the “ham-cock bomb”, quail marinated in Devon cream in a mason jar, rolled into the crawl space?

    Said band member Rowan, ‘it was awesome’.

    Anyone who wants to feed you is on your side. The bouncers who kept the PG punx off the stage however… “Get off my stage!”

    Break a leg on the 18th!

    • joeyonly

      I forgot about that one. We really didn’t need jock bouncers on our stage standing in front of me. I hope I didn’t hurt their feelings when I told them to get the fuck off the stage, I wouldn’t want to have prevented people coming and doing gang vocals on an anthemic song now would I?

      About the chicken bomb/hamcock bomb, we never did it because they paid us. Boy did that manager ever show up out of the blue quick when we got there, I don’t think she wanted her boss to know she was hoarding band money and blowing it on coke with supposed bouncers who weren’t actually on payroll. That was funny stuff!

  • Cody james

    Great stories Joe, we’re looking forward to seeing you and the family this summer. I’ll be in touch.

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