Outlaw Band set for Billy Barker Days and the Cariboo Hotel

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July 5th

The Cariboo’s own Joey Only Outlaw Band is preparing to do three shows in Quesnel for Billy Barker Days including an unofficial kick off party at the Cariboo Hotel on Thursday July 18th.

Most recently the Outlaws took part in the immensely successful Cariboo Cloggeroo/Stompin Tom Tribute at the Sunset Theatre in Wells which drew media and audience from around the province.  Joey Only and his amazing outlaw country band are booked for festivals all around the province this summer but Billy Barker Days is one that has the band very excited.  Two of the band members reside in Quesnel and they believe despite Joey’s run of 1000 shows across Canada the place they most wish to impact now is the Cariboo District.

Says Joey Only, “Billy Barker Days is where we hope to once and for establish that we are in the Cariboo for good, where we’ll prove once and for all that we rock hard and aren’t going away!”

The band’s shows during Billy Barker Days will be more geared towards a family audience while the show at the Cariboo Hotel will be a no holds barred hillbilly barn dance for those self styled outlaws of the Cariboo.  If you’ve seen a Joey Only bar show already you know exactly what that means.

THURS.JULY.18, 9pm: Cariboo Hotel: Outlaw Band all nite no holds barred unofficial Barker Days kickoff extravaganza!

SAT.JULY.20, 5pm: Billy Barker Days Down Town Stage

SUN.JULY.21, 3pm: Billy Barker Days Main Stage


Press can contact Joey Only at:





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