There’s A Fire On Anarchist Mountain….again…

Check it out, there’s another fire on anarchist mountain.  Most of you who know my music think that the best song I ever wrote was Fire on Anarchist Mountain…and maybe they are kinda right.  I still don’t mind playing it I guess so after 9 years of doing it at every show and at everyone’s whim!  So I guess I can say I still like the tune after playing it 1000 times!

If you google Joey Only Outlaw Band on CBC Radio 3 you can hear both versions of the song that were recorded.  There is the bluegrass version from my 2004 album Radical Folk of the Great North featuring Andy Mason and Megan Adams among other people…then there is the 2007 Outlaw Band version featuring my original line-up of Zinger, Sungur, Zippy, Lippy, Leah, and Ricky.

Also check out the video on Youtube which is a segment from my 2006 rockumentary…it tells the story of the 2003 fire on anarchist mountain with a dramatic re-enactment for the kids!

Burn anarchist burn…


(More Storm Watching Tips)

Speaking of fire season B.C. is preparing for a series of moderately powerful thunderstorms but else where there are some very intense storms still in the forecast.  For you wannabe storm chasers this is your week to be on the plains.  On Tuesday there were twisters in Saskatchewan and Wednesday strong weather threatened to turn tornadic over Edmonton.  Today should be much the same as will the weekend while meteorologists are saying a significant event could peak around Monday or Tuesday of next week.

If you wanna storm chase there’s a few things you have to know.

Before you go chasing storms do your research and watch as many videos on youtube as you can.  Build a familiarity with what kinds of things to look for before you blindly charge out to look for a twister.

Remember that the kinds of storms that are brewing right now are heavy with moisture and intense periods of precipitation will result.  A lot of tornadoes that will form from these kinds of storms are going to be hidden in the rain wrap, they will be there but you will not be able to tell for sure what you are looking at.  A safe way to play is to follow in behind the storms and stay out of the heavy rain and hail as much as possible, the high pressure in behind the cell should keep you dry.  So put some thought into how and where you are going to intercept, don’t just drive straight into the bugger blindly.  Besides, the tornado will generally form in behind the storm and there would be no safer place to be than behind the funnel as it travels away from your position.  That’s when you are chasing!

If you get caught in the twister get to the absolute lowest place you can.  Even a ditch.  Stay away from trees that might be lightning rods or could blow over on to you.  Use common sense, proceed with caution.  Watch the development very closely.   I witnessed near Quesnel the other night what I think is a very fascinating aspect of storms which is how they can change moods in a matter of minutes.  At first the sky looked rather benign, darkish and unsettled and within minutes the exact same clouds turned mean spirited, the sky churned up like a plow going through a field…some very heavy winds blasted me from above.  There was really no chance that storm would produce a tornado but some of the same behaviors are still found in tornadic storms and it gave me a reminder of just how quick things can change.  Sometimes they change slow, sometimes they change fast.  Don’t be caught off guard.

Familiarize yourself with weather maps, radar and all the information available from Environment Canada and keep up on the news stories on the weather network site.  Remember you are safer in the car amidst lightning but not so in a tornado.  That would be disastrous for you to experience.  Be smart, do your research.  Severe weather can kill you in a split second.  If you truly don’t know what you are doing just take cover and stay off the roads!!!

Watch this amazing video called Rotating Supercell Outside of Booker Texas.  You can learn a lot about the development of storms by watching videos like this.  Nice work Mike, you are an artist!


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