Regarding Independent MLA Bob Simpson’s Election Loss Yesterday


Terribly sorry to see the Cariboo voted Coralee Oakes in.  I am sure that her deep knowledge of politics (which she learned from reading the back of a cereal box) will be totally dedicated to democratic principals and to her constituency.  I can tell you that quite a few people here at my work site expressed their support for you and in some cases their frustration with the two party system in BC.  Being a junior mining company we feared an NDP win, but being a working person I fear the Liberals in many ways quite a bit more.  Until the NDP are able to have any sort of outright class analysis I do not believe they truly represent workers as much as they do the union pork choppers, removing the word socialism from the federal parties constitution shows me how little they believe in anything anymore.  Hearing the NDP’s tired and empty slogan’s of change impressed me not, for they do not represent much of a change from the status quo but merely like the imagery such slogans will paint.

I am constantly frustrated by how narrow the scope of debate is with these people who supposedly represent our best interests, I am confident that they are clever enough to manipulate the capitalist system but I am not sure how many of them could actually be considered smart enough to think outside their narrow boxes.  Further to that a majority government always has the opportunity to wantonly ram things down the throats of the working class.  I hoped for a minority government, with you getting your floor time, so that they would spend so much time arguing they would be unable to make social cuts, rip up contracts and generally attack the poor and working people of this province.

Maybe you see this as your final go in provincial politics…but I would hope that someday someone like you would found a new party, perhaps even called the Independent Party made up of independents who through cooperation can support each other and their constituency in the way that people mistakenly believe democracy already does.  I would get behind that.

All the best to you Bob and thank you for your work in the region.  Many people here realize what you have tried to do and it would seem that most people in Wells were behind you.  Today must be a hard day, so do something nice for yourself.  You earned that much.

kindly, joey only


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