My Condolences To Tim Bosma’s Family & Friends

I should have known to read the article a few days ago when I first saw the headline about Tim Bosma’s disappearance, instead I went straight to the Sports page to read about the Maple Leafs.  Growing up in the Dutch community of Ontario the inter-relations are numerous and wide reaching, and if you don’t personally know someone you certainly will know many people who do.  Generally when I see a southern Ontario Dutchman in the news I take a look to see what it’s about, today I am a little bit shocked to think something like this could happen.

People like Tim from the Dutch community are very family oriented, they are not the kind of people who get mixed up on the wrong side of things too often.  Very rarely do we have news like this go through the Dutch community.

I went to Tim Bosma’s church frequently from 1998-2000 while I was going to school in Ancaster, a largely Dutch private one at that.  Ancaster Christian Reformed Church was but a stones throw from my door and I came to know a great many people at that time there, that was of course around the time I took a different path than the one Christianity demanded of me.  I am sure we made eyes and I know that many people I have known would also have known Tim.  Even stranger is that my work-mate here in BC knows some of the Dutch people I knew and also had met Tim Bosma while attending Lambton College.

It must be an awfully difficult thing to process right now, there is no sense that can be made from events like these.  I wish all of Tim’s family and friends the best of luck coping with this tragedy, I wish there were more that I could do.  I don’t know how you’ll be able to explain to that little girl why she doesn’t have a daddy, especially tragic in the knowing that guys like Tim are standout parents…raising family is the purpose of their lives.  I am so sorry this happened and I wish the best to all of my Ontario Dutch brethren.

With love, joey


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