Vancouver: Without a Hockey Riot to Write About

It’s the greatest moments in sports since 1993, if you ask me!  You know what happened in 1993, the Toronto Maple Leafs went on an incredible playoff run only to have it thwarted by an errant high stick by Wayne Gretzky on Doug Gilmour.  Remember now, that one in overtime that went uncalled despite the blood coming from Dougie’s face?  Remember how Gretzky scored a minute later and the Kings went on to face the Montreal Canadiens?  Then Joe Carter went one further when he hit a line drive over the fence in the 9th inning to win game 6 for the Blue Jays and the World Series in one swing.

Since then, despite the Leafs going three rounds three more times, and a couple Canadian teams making decent Cup runs there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about…yet I kept watching sports.  My Toronto teams were the laughing stock of sports and everyone in BC loved to remind me about it.  They teased us and laughed at us and called us the Maple Laughs.  I don’t hear Vancouver laughing today.

Not only did the Leafs have more regulation victories than the Vancouver Canucks this year their season has already outlasted them.  At this point I won’t even be sad if the Boston Bruins thump the Leafs out of the playoffs, all that matters to me is that VANCOUVER WAS SWEPT right out by San Jose last night.  The hardest part for Vancouver fans is that most of them never watch a hockey game until the playoffs begin, so they really only paid attention to four games or less because they are the lamest fan base in Canadian hockey.  Most of them have never skated much like how the Sedin sisters have never scored in the playoffs.  In fact the Canucks have only won 2 of their last 14 playoff games going back to the infamous Stanley Cup riot series with Boston in 2011.

There aren’t any riots today though.  No bricks being thrown.  No cop cars burning.  No nothing.  Vancouver was too stoned on weed to remember to riot.  Just a bunch of moping and snivelling and sobbing and excuses and subsequent laughter coming from Leafs nation!  To me this is the greatest moment in 20 years of watching hockey.  It represents the moment that Canucks fans shoved their arrogant attitudes up their own arses!  Yes, that arrogant attitude that symbolizes what it means to be a Vancouverite, so proud of their city that Mike Richards commented yesterday, ‘you’d think they made the mountains.’

In the same breath I have to say I am proud to have never turned my back on the Toronto Maple Leafs, I bleed blue and always will….and I am not alone.  For the first pre-season game of the 2011-2012 season there were as many fans in the streets of Toronto as there were for Vancouver’s Stanley Cup game 7 a few months prior.  Even though our team was about to continue it’s streak of futility for yet another season the fans were there in force for a game that didn’t matter in the slightest.  When the Leafs faced Boston at home for the first time in the 2013 playoffs the streets were full of freaking out fans!  Thank you Leafs, you have made it tolerable to live in BC while wearing blue hat!  Toronto fans are diehards and are especially thankful to have seen our team rise from the ashes of mediocrity even if it’s to play just a couple of meaningful games.  It aint Vancouver laughing at us today!!

So long Canucks…boo hoo hoo hee hee ha hahaha!!

As for the Leafs who host the Bruins tonight: my bet is a close checking, tight game with Toronto’s desperation being a huge factor.  We can’t go back to Boston down 3-1, tonight is the biggest game of the season!!  We might not win the series but I think we can win one home game, Leaf fans deserve to see that for the patience we’ve shown and the taunting we’ve endured.


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