Yes yes yes…year of the Outlaw.  I wouldn’t expect too much to come from it though.  We do have some plans stewing up already for what is sure to be another arse kickin 365 days of country music terror.  It all starts for us right here in the little town of Wells British Columbia 3950ft above sea level on the border of the Cariboo Mountains, the place known as home to the Outlaw Band.  We’re gonna hit that historic Wells Hotel Pub hard on Saturday January 26th for my bro Scotty’s stag party which should get us hot for the wedding the following week.  If you aren’t invited to the wedding you can still come to the Hotel on January 26th for our cosmic Outlaw performance!

In other news we’re talkin with the Cariboo Hotel once again in Quesnel and making plans to take the stage there one more time.  The last show on December 20th was a complete drunken horror show as the room was loaded with people lookin to start their Christmas holidays off with a bang!  Next time should be no different, although the date isn’t set yet it will just be a matter of time.  We also have plans to play a Quesnel hockey tournament in March, hopefully that comes to fruition!  In the spring we’re set to be included on a Canadian folk music compilation CD with old friends like Jeff Andrew!  Then it won’t be long until we’re back to festival season, the darkest part of the winter has already passed and we’re counting the months till the snow leaves us here…until it does there’s always snowmobiling and boarding to be done.  Just cause we live in the boonies doesn’t mean that we don’t live!

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