THIS IS MY NEW WEBSITE NOWADAYS, SO WHAT!! (and other very very interesting news about your hero joey only)

I do not have a JOEYONLY.COM anymore cause I was poor and let it lapse and then some fuckin company bought the site name, or something, hoping to extort it back to me for an unacceptable price.  So I no longer have an e-mail and it’s pretty much down to this neglected site and facebook, the very same which I might add would not let me use the name ONLY for my handle.  They found the name Joey Only unacceptable.  Instead they insisted that I add an E so that my name would be JOEY ONLEY, which is completely lame so I continue hate facebook, cell phones and satalites in my heart.

On top of all this we moved to the LODGE in Wells BC a while ago, had a baby and decided that we’re never gonna go back to a civilized population base.  I had enough of the mental colonization and went back to the country where I always belonged and never should have left.  Instead I have worked a remarkably wide array of jobs which I neither found liberating or were what I once dreamed I would ammount to….but they were still better for me than any job I could have had in the city.

I been busy renovating, working, cutting wood and fathering children.  Nonetheless we did play some amazing shows already this year!  Our next one is a Halloween show in FORT ST.JAMES on NOVEMBER 2, 2012!

This would be my fourth visit to the Fort this year.  Saint Patricks Day at the Legion there was a complete drunken horror show.  You know it’s a good night in the Fort when a guy beats up two girls, then another hero guy comes and beats the first guy down, then a third guy interjects for no particular reason and beats the second guy up as well.  Then all the drunks were able to drive away from the cops and ambulances who were dealing with a lot of blood in the midst of a memorable blizzard to boot.  Our second visit was as a backup player to David Roy Parsons in April followed of course by the third visit which was the remarkably unrememorable MUSIC ON THE MOUNTAIN FEST.  I fuckin love the Fort!

We also been out to Dawson Creek in May with decidedly less gun play and only some 4x4ing, but it was one hell of a show with Walter and the Zipcuts.  We played with our friends in Prince George and the Fraser Lake punk rock farm, a farm I personally call Circle A Ranch. Camballah at the ranch there paid me with a loaner moose head to keep on our lodge wall.  Bobb Inn was outrageously silly and Billy Barker Days in Quesnel was so scorchingly hot that I nearly puked my way off stage dehydrated and crazy.  Arts on the Fly in Horsefly was one of the coolest festivals I’d been to in a while and I was glad to be able to have Linda McRae, Zippy Zaenker and Case Letinga on stage with Leah and I. The best parts were the amazing ranch Leah and I stayed at and one of the most intense thunderstorms I have seen in British Columbia yet.

Artswells Festival here in Wells was one of the most insane fun times I’d had in years, a real chart topper.  Our show at the Sunset Theatre went off!  People weren’t scared when I was 5 minutes late and drunk, nor were they frightened by my lack of knowing who would show up to play in our band, nor were the people frightened when they realized we had not rehearsed in the slightest and was without any kind of set list.  It so happened that Leah and I had Kenan, Zippy and Raghu as an Outlaw Band, at least to start with.  But it wasn’t long into the show that Joel ran up and plugged in his bass, a song later Pablo plugged in a guitar and two songs later Jeff Andrew arrived straight outa tree plantin camp.  Our band grew into a real experience that was a throwback to the old Outlaw Band days.

So the Artswells show was fun, the Tempest Memorial immediately after our set was reflective and thought provoking, and that’s when I came home to find 200 people at my bonfire!  Hours later I said to Bob Blaue, ‘you know, it technically is still night as long as the moon is up.’  Fortunately for us the moon set at 10:30AM that day so we were able to make the most of it.  Only two of our guests went to the hospital with the Wells Ambulance service and only one of them was for a broken nose.

I can tell you this much.  The Cowboy Festival out in Barkerville was a lot more mellow then that!


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