is gone!!

So this is going to be my new website and blog spot for the next while.

If you are wondering where I am, I am in the Cariboo working in a gold mine, fixing my house and fishing as much as possible. We had a good fishing year, just killed a bunch of salmon but we’ve also had rainbow trout, speckled trout, bull trout and dolly virden’s land in our frying pans and freezer. This is where I want to be in life, I aint playing much music but I never been happier…cheers…joe


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2 responses to “ is gone!!

  • Jamie

    Glad to see ya in such a good place, my dear friend. Take care and hope to get out to visit next year. love ya, JB

  • Christopher Arnett

    hey man…How’s it going? Booney life treating ya well? Glad tohear you’re fishing. My sonJohn has also got into fresh water fishing and is damn good at it like you! We were going to Wells in Aug but I got some archaeology work in Lillooet instead which was a blast. I’m sure you’re writing great new tunes…I’m working on a new Furies LP just to remind folks what punk is about…Say hi to Leah and see ya sooner than later we hope! Chris and Barb

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