Joey Only Offering Music Lessons in Vancouver


MY QUALIFICATIONS: I am a professional musician named JOEY ONLY.  I have released 5 albums, my last album in 2010 was #2 on the national folk roots and blues charts and was nominated for a CBC Radio Award for Most Canadian Song. I have toured every province of Canada.  My JOEY ONLY OUTLAW BAND has played 400 shows and shared the stage with acts such as Buffy St.Marie, Fred Eaglesmith and more.  I have played 800 of my own shows.  As a back up musician I have played several hundred more.  I have been the music director of a church in 1999 and have performed in multiples genres of music such as folk, country, rock, blues, punk, gospel etc.  My family is very musical…my mother is the director of a multi-denominational choir and managed a music store while I grew up, my granfather has been a church organist for 50 years and many other members of my family are immensely talented. I play guitars, harmonica’s, electric bass, upright bass, drums, pedal steel guitar and more.  My wife Little Ms.Leah joins me on stage as my June Carter, we are a musical couple.

WHAT I CAN OFFER YOU: I can teach you: electric bass (four string or five string), acoustic guitar, electric guitar and possibly more.  The lessons are practical and designed to get you started in music so you can PLAY WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAY.  If you want to learn the blues I am not going to teach you heavy metal!  Lessons will not be heavy in theory, they are designed to help you progress fast in areas of your own interest.  My goal is to get you started on your way to playing in a band and as we advance can include topics such as recording, booking tours, on stage professionalism and working in the industry.  If you want to be in a band sooner than later my advice is to buy a bass guitar…every band needs a quality bassist and they are always in demand!  ALL AGES WELCOME!  I am especially interested in teaching young people.

I have a music room at my house near 17th and Renfrew.  If you come to my house the lessons will be cheaper.    If you come to my house I will provide tea or coffee as well.

$25/hour at my house
$40/hour at your housea
$40 for two hour lesson at my house
$60 for two hour lesson at your house

contact me at: info (at) joeyonly (dot) com


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