ATTENTION ALL OUTLAW BAND FANS! I am rebuilding the band right now! Zinger is leaving for India for a year, Justine joined Fred Eaglesmith and so on and so on. So I am taking this chance to rebuild the Outlaw Band before I record my next album CENTRAL ONTARIO TORNADO.


I have no particular idea in mind for what the new band would look like, I will try anyone out. I have a full band in ONTARIO who are my east coast Outlaws…but need a western Canada band. I have festivals this summer to play and a monthly gig at the Railway Club I am likely to start…but no real plans for extensive touring this year!! So we have a lot of time to build the show for 2012 when I release the next album…we will play a minimum of 100 after that release and the band will need to know a minimum of 50 songs. So think about it, I need dedicated players!! We will need to be able to play on a professional level, if you have what it takes you e-mail me. I’ve done 1000 shows, and 400 with the original Outlaw Band line-up…this is not a fool around garage band…this is the real deal!–joey

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