-New Years gig was in the Community Hall of Wells BC. Scott
Dunbar opened the show and the after party commenced at our
Outlaw Mountain Lodge.

-(13th) Played with the legendary radical folk songwriter Anne
Feeney at anti-Olympics event at Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver.

-(9th)TRANSGRESSION TRAIL premiers on Vancouver's Co-op Radio
with a 2 hour radio special.
-(17th) released the new album Transgression Trail in
Vancouver with local songwriter Kent McCallister, Albertan
alt-country bands Cowpuncher and Brooke Wylie and the Coyotes.

-(1st)Was entertainment for 10th Anniversary of Sutikalh (native
resistance camp)
-(20th-22nd) I headlined Mini-Music on the Mountain Fest where
I was attacked, stood my ground and narrowly won the fight.

-Transgression Trail tour begins with gigs in Vancouver,
Nelson, Winlaw, Sirdar, Lethbridge, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg,
Edmonton and Canmore.
-New album hits the charts nationwide #3 on earshots folk,roots
and blues charts.  Holds for the next six weeks reaching #2 for
two consecutive weeks.
-I am featured on radio interviews in Guelph, Thunder Bay,
Vancouver etc. and with articles in Lethbridge, Edmonton and

-I played 23 gigs in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and
British Columbia and mainstage of Brandon Folk Fest, Morfee
Mountain Music Fest, Artswells Festival & North Country Stomp.
-Featured in weekly arts magazines in Edmonton and Calgary.
-(11th) Opened for Fred Eaglesmith in Calgary during the annual
Stampede and played again with him in Olds Alberta on the 29th
(also acted as sound man).
-(12th) For the 4th consecutive year worked as a house band at
the Palomino in Calgary during the annual Stampede.
-(23rd-25th) Shared the stage with Buffy St.Marie and was
invited to do a mentorship program with her.

-Played 10 gigs in the province of British Columbia and played
on mainstages of Artswells Festival, Under The Volcano, Winlaw
Music Festival, Music on the Mountain Festival.
-(2nd) Closed Artswells Festival for the 3rd time in 5 years.
-(6th-7th) Played at Kumsheen whitewater rafting resort in
Thompson Canyon with Gerry Hannah opening who's best known for
playing in Vancouver's Subhumans and going to prison as member
of Direct Action in 1980's.
-(8th) Played the Mainstage of the final Under the Volcano
Festival in North Vancouver.
-(19th) Outlaw Band kicked off the PowWow weekend at Neskonlith
Reserve near Chase BC with reputable native activists such as
Wolverine and Art Manual in attendance...I unveiled a new song
to them called Guns,Goons and Gustafsen to an overwhelming
-(28th) Acted as backup band for Fred Eaglesmith at Music on the
Mountain Festival.

-Outlaw double bassist Justine Fischer leaves the Outlaw Band
and joins Fred Eaglesmith Band.
-(11th) Had a fun gig at Vancouver's Princeton Pub with half of
the Outlaw Band backing me.
-Spent the last two weeks of September renovating our Outlaw
Mountain Lodge in Wells BC one year after we bought it.

-(9th) Hosted benefit for Anne Feeney who fell ill with lung
-(10th) Performed CPR on an OD victim at work in Vancouver, he
died and I took the rest of the month off of work on stress
-(20th) Performed solo at Vancouver's Railway Club.
-(29th) Began tour to Halifax with gigs in Calgary, Brandon and
Thunder Bay.

-Song Greyhoundin Guitar Man nominated for CBC Radio's Annual
Bucky Awards for Most Canadian Song.
-Played 16 gigs in Peterborough, Trenton, Elmira, Kitchener,
Cambridge, Toronto, Montreal, Sherbrooke, St.Hyacinthe, Quebec
City, Moncton, Halifax, Charlottetown and more.
-Several shows in key cities such as Montreal were sold out!

-Played successful gigs in Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton and
-(4th) Innitiated into Times Changed High and Lonesome Club in
Winnipeg with a chicken wire gig, much beer thrown in my face.
Am first person besides Andrew Neville to ever play chicken
wire gig...Leah breaks the chicken wire night gender barrier.
-(8th) Lose Bucky Award to some hip guy, don't really care.
-(10th) Last gig in Calgary at Palomino was double booked with
Winnipeg's Magnificent 7's.  We got fed and paid and didn't
have to play.
-(11th) Tried to make it back to Vancouver but a snowstorm
stopped us in Kelowna.
-(12th) Made it home and all touring for 2010 was officially over.

Excellent year!

Highlights were gigging with: Buffy St.Marie, Fred Eaglesmith,
Joel Kaiser and the Devils Own, Liqourbox, Whisky Wagon, Give
Em Hell Boys, Cheering For the Bad Guy, Maria in the Shower,
Audio Rocketry, Austin Lucas, Ray Elliot Band, Jeff
Andrew/Shayne Avec I Grec (Ghosts of the Highway), Anne Feeney,
Brooke Wylie, Cowpuncher, Kent McCallister, NQ Arbuckle, The
Burning Hell, Wax Mannequin, Geoff Berner, CR Avery, The Bad
BongWater Boys, Scott Dunbar and more...

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