Victory Magazine From Seattle Reviews My New Album

Victory Review Accoustic Music Magazine, December 2010


Joey Only: Transgression Trail

Joey Only brings “true confessions of an outlaw folk singer” out of British Columbia with a bit of a country rock band feel, but if you left it there, you’d be mistaken.  “The Ghetto Birdz”, opening is not such a pretty picture of street life, where dope and pain appear to be about the kindest thing that will be seen.  Only paints a grizzly picture, the band attempts smoothing out the rough edges of despair. “ Greyhound Guitar Man”, jumps right in with blazing guitars, reminiscent of most bus trips, moving steady and showing scenery from the

side ways view.  Good lyric with a nod to the talking blues, BC style.  “Birthday Blizzard Bus Ride Blues” another tune from a ride where Only turns 29.  What I like about Joey’s delivery is he’s not selling anything except what is on his mind at the time.  This is a raunchy vibe thick with words and images that make sense if you’re willing to close your eyes and take the ride.  They’re some interesting picking on this tune with many solos from the players.    “Toby’s Trail of Tears”, slows the ride down with a dog house bass being strung real low, a sorrowful lament for sure, then turning more toward dissidence to an un nerving, “ Transgression Trail”, the title cut of the disc that continues Mr. Only’s self-evaluation of pain in the life chosen somewhere out there on a range many aren’t willing to walk.  Good tune after cutting through the pain in the vocals.  That bass still haunts through the cut.  “Manitoba Make-Up”, gets things going a bit brisker telling another tale of someone Only meets out there, the harmony on the tune with female voicing works well giving the tune a bit more authenticity.  Some really tasty steel playing with this track, stretched for sure, but that’s what this band is all about.  “They’re going to get naked, if they don’t get caught”.   “Wicked Whiskey-No Control”, opens with a cello then the band comes in low and Only’s vocal twists just when you think there might be a nod to an aspect of commercialism, but no.  Joey Only isn’t making this disc for anyone but himself and the grooves he can find in this lonesome music.  “Honky Tonky Hockey”, opens with a great guitar riff along with an announcer illuminating the hockey game that either about to start or ongoing.  Only just wails about the entire scene and gets me laughing half way through from all the description of not being able to afford to watch hockey.  Fun tune that slices at Nashville and the dust they pour out on to the radio.  “Punk Rock Country Band”, now for something completely different- punk rock meets a Polka vibe still raving on about Nashville and Only’s feelings toward the slick world he apparently has no need or use for.  “Haligonian Hell Ride”, is more of the road and the writer’s view of the road, from the bottom to up.  “Midwest Festival”, races quickly with more observations of the highway.  “ That One Last Song”, finally slows the pace and allows Joey Only’s full vibe as writer to be realized.  This disc is a bit of a nod to times now long gone with traveling bands.  The project is supported by; Leah Martin-vocals; Kenan Sungur-percussion; Mike Zinger-steel guitar; Jeff Andrew-fiddle; Rowan Lipkovits-accordian; Christina Zaenker-cello; Tobias Meis-up right bass and Justine Fischer also on bass.  Joey Only made a project that is real, it’s about what he wanted to show this polished shinning apple, the last cut is Only just talking, he reminds me of Dylan a thousand years ago. Sort of a “Song For Woody”, but he wrote it for a society that takes no risks.   I like the disc, Only makes you  listen, it’s some  work, but riding the Transgression Trail is never easy. [Christopher Anderson]

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