Sex Predator Colonel Russell Williams – Not a Member of Our Community

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Here on the left is disgraced Colonel Russell Williams, former Commander of 8 Wing CFB Trenton, dressed in a way that brings to mind the movie Silence of the Lambs where the character Buffalo Bill escalates his predatory behavior until he becomes a full-blown woman hating murderer.  Russell Williams started his criminal career as a sexual predator by breaking into homes and stealing women’s underwear.  Then around the 62nd documented case, as heard in court this week in Belleville Ontario, he escalated his behavior by entering the home of a woman who was showering, stripping down naked and breaking into her home in the nude to assault her.  But this was not enough to satisfy Williams, he escalated again by assaulting and murdering a corporal under his command at CFB Trenton Airbase.  He is reported to have said something to the effect that he kept ratcheting up the danger more and more.

When it came to the murder of Tweed local Jessica Lloyd he escalated further when he kidnapped her, assaulted her and finally murdered her dumping the body close to the hunting camp of his neighbor in a vain attempt to frame a man the police already were suspicious of.  It causes one to wonder that if Williams predatory behavior had been allowed to escalate to its natural conclusion that perhaps he too, like the fictitious character Buffalo Bill, may have begun to skin his victims and worn their flesh  as part of his sick fetish driven behavior. Maybe he would have even become a cannibal seeking more and more dangerous ways to make his masturbation more exciting.

The story of Russell Williams downfall is one that is close to my heart.  I was born in Trenton Ontario and spent three years of my early teens enrolled in the 704 Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadron.  I know the airbase very well.  I went to many airshows as a child there and dreamed of one day flying a hercules transport myself.  I stood on the tarmac as my uncle Frank boarded a Boeing 707 headed to Germany where he taught the children of military families stationed in Lahr Germany.  While in Air Cadets I received my first blow job on the island when I snuck off with a girl during a squadron dance.  I slept on the base during camps, did a basic training in the control tower and was able to gain a close understanding of the workings of that base.  I was even chosen to be one of the cadets standing at attention below the CF-5 Freedom Fighter during its ceremonial retirement in 1995.

It is the largest airbase in Canada and is the transport wing which sends every soldier that leaves the country off to war on its runways, all humanitarian aid bound for disaster stricken countries passes through there and it’s Search and Rescue squadrons respond to emergencies all across central Canada.  It seems as though his behavior escalated in co-relation to the amount of responsibility he was given in a military at war.  Being the commanding officer of CFB Trenton is one of the highest positions anyone could hope to achieve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Russell Williams, upon transfer to CFB Trenton, bought a cottage in Tweed Ontario which is approximately 16km from my hometown of Madoc…Madoc is a community 1350  strong about 17km south of my mothers home.  I fished many times on Stoco Lake, where Russell Williams cottage is located, and though I never caught anything there I did catch a 12lb pike on the Skootamata River which joins the Moira and empties into Stoco.  My closest cousin was raised in Tweed.  Some of my best friends and worst enemies were from Tweed as many of it’s high school students attended Centre Hastings Secondary School in Madoc.  I wasn’t doing well as a student in Madoc so I went to school in Belleville for my final three years attending at Quinte Secondary School where Jessica Lloyd also went, the same young woman who would later be killed by Russell Williams.  People I have known have known the Lloyd family.

Russell Williams case is being heard and tried at the Hastings County Courthouse, yet another landmark where I have spent a considerable amount of my time involved in Tenant/Landlord cases.  Not surprisingly the adjudicator of the housing tribunal proved to be a sexual deviant himself as he wrote dozens of explicit letters to one of our tenant representatives who never seemed to lose a case.

When playing baseball in the diamond across the street I once launched a homerun in Grade 11 that broke the rearview mirror off of a lawyers car in the parking lot.  The whole story is so close to home to me, as I watch the news everything I see is familiar to me.

One thing is for certain.  Russell Williams was not a part of the community of Tweed.  He owned a cottage there on Stoco Lake but he was not known to the community.  When interviewed for CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelly residents local to Tweed continually mentioned that they had never seen him in town.  His neighbors considered him a loner and rarely saw him have any visitors whatsoever at his place.  In no way should the actions of Russell Williams reflect poorly on the community of Tweed, which certainly has it’s own problems, but nothing that can compare to the 82 heinous crimes Williams has been charged with had ever taken place there before.  Tweed, like Madoc and Marmora who make up the Centre-Hastings region, have always been known to be safe towns still stuck in a different era.


Colonel Williams with Conservative Defence Minister Peter Mackay


Russell Williams did not have to consort with the locals of Tweed, he rubbed elbows with people of a much higher stature.  The picture on the right shows Williams walking with Canadian Defence Minister Peter Mackay, the very man tabloids once accused of having an affair with Condoleeza Rice.  CFB Trenton as the transportation hub of the RCAF did more than send the troops off to war and welcome them home…it was also the first place 150+ dead soldiers returned from Afghanistan.  During war-time it must have been a stressful place to be in charge of.  On top of that Colonel Williams personally flew VIP flights with Prime Ministers and foreign dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth…which has to make one wonder if he had a chance to break into her luggage in an attempt to steal her crusty old British underwear so he could catalogue them to and masturbate all over them.

People keep saying things to the effect that it is the ultimate betrayal that a man in his position of authority could lead such a double life perpetrating the magnitude of the crimes such as he did.  But I don’t find that so shocking at all, it seems all too common that people in power use their clout to get away with some of the most disturbing and shocking crimes known to humanity.

How many priests, representatives of God himself, were able to carry on years of sexual misconduct to children and have never faced justice for it.  I believe that for every one priest brought to trial there may have been ten or more that got away with their evil deeds.  Cops get away with murder and other cops have been nailed on child pornography charges.  Then there’s people like disgraced Prince George Judge David Ramsay who admitted to sexually assaulting teen prostitutes, including one child as young as 12 years old.  In one case Ramsay smashed a young girls head for refusing to have sex in the forest near the court house without a condom, he slapped her in the face and forced her to have sex with him.  Ramsay was given a seven year sentence in 2004 and should be on the streets again in the not so distant future.  Sometimes I wonder why the frequency of missing women on the Highway of Tears seems to have slowed down over the past few years, it is not entirely implausible that Ramsay is the killer, or is part of some sort of sadistic ring of sex and exploitation that’s never been fully understood.

People in power cross the line of the rule of law they pretend to uphold all the time.  Consider BC Premier Gordon Campbell who has passed the toughest drunk driving laws in the entire country even though he never lost his liscence for his own drinking and driving charges that took place in Hawaii.  Rumor has it, and it can only be taken for rumor, that he was involved with a mistress at the time of his arrest in Hawaii…his marriage was in the middle of collapsing around that time.  It even brings to mind the twisted story of Tiger Woods who smashed his car when his wife found out he had slept with dozens upon dozens of women everywhere he went leading his secret life.

I could list dozens of more cases of U.S. Senators hiring prostitutes while publicly preaching the sanctity of the family as God himself designed them to be, or others who were caught in homosexual acts after voting down every legislation designed to protect gays/lesbians.  There’s the Jimmy Swaggarts of the world who preached God on tv and were caught twice with prostitutes.  People in power are frequently found to be involved in sick and sadistic crimes.

Nevertheless Colonel Russell Williams case is still a mind shattering one…he climbed the ranks of the RCAF and used his power to fuel and escalate his rampage of sick sexual predation.  His next door neighbor came under suspicion by the police when they were canvassing door to door looking for evidence to the outbreak of break-ins around Tweed.  When the police learned who owned Russell Williams cottage they immediately passed by believing that the base commander of CFB Trenton could never be a suspect.  I tend to think the opposite, people who are hungry for power are generally hungry to wield it on many levels.  The people I trust the least are the ones who have the power and trust of the state behind them, they can often get away with almost anything.

As for CFB Trenton things will never quite be the same.  A lot of credibility has been lost there.  I try to imagine the Air Cadet Summer Camp which has had tens of thousands of teenagers living on base over the years right under the nose of sexual predator whom they stood before on parade so he could inspect them all.  Is there any place left that’s safe if it is not within the military itself?

Then there’s Tweed Ontario, a town where people never locked their doors.  People have been shell shocked and forced to recognize that they are no longer an isolated little community in eastern Ontario.  The age of automobiles, cellphones, internet, sattelites and blackberry devices has made the urban modern world and all its sicknesses not so far away anymore.  Now as I sit across the country in Vancouver watching and reading detailed stories of what’s happened back home in Tweed.  I can only feel an inner anger and rage combined with an intense curiosity for the case of Russell Williams, plus a supreme fantasy that I could have the chance to exact my own punishment on this deviant criminal.

One Tweed resident remarked on CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley that they hoped, ‘he would be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.’

But I for one do not wish this kind of punishment on Russell Williams.  I think he deserves to spend as much time as he can in general population where he can learn what rape and the fear of death is all about.  Perhaps they should make an exception for Russell’s prison outfit and have him wear one of his favorite bikini’s into Milhaven Maximum Security Penis-tentary. In 1970 there was a prison riot in Kingston where a number of sexual predators were horribly beaten to death by their fellow in-mates.  Maybe Russell will get lucky and not have to drain the taxpayers for a lifetime of keeping scum like him behind bars…maybe one of his fellow inmates will take one for the team and rape and murder Russell themselves, for this is one of those rare cases where an eye for an eye is a suitable philosophy and I’m sure there’s heroes out there panning for the chance.

But then again, Russell Williams is pleading guilty with the hope that it might help him to have better conditions once he is in prison.  That a man like him could be even considered to be given some sort of a better condition goes to prove that even the sickest predator will be treated differently by the state than say a ruthless murderer like Paul Bernardo.  It is fortunate that his own suicide attempt last March was thwarted so that many of the details of his crime could be made known to the public, we deserve to know what really happened.  Once the trial is over and we know as much as we will ever know, I hope they leave a good strong length of parachord in his cell for whatever use he seems willing to do with it.  We have no death penalty but if this were Japan he might be encouraged to do the honorable thing and commit sepuka.

Or even more appropriately they should give him no sentence at all but tattoo on his face in large letters his name and his crime.  Then they ought to offer him no protection as they let him walk out of that Belleville courthouse freely as a sort of social experiment.  The question for this experiment would be, ‘how many steps could Russell take on his way out of the court room before the community itself exacts its own rage and punishment on his for his evil ways.

And if jail time wasn’t enough punishment, I’m glad the whole country got a chance to see how sexy a now humiliated Colonel Russell Williams was wearing womens panties and undergarments.  It was funny enough to see how ridiculous the look on his face was while cross dressing into women’s close…after all the look on his face was that of a tough and seasoned military veteran going to war in a pair of panties.  He bore the look of a man who is trying to intimidate you in the bar, looking for a drunken scrap, except that he’s wearing a bikini.  For a 47 year old man he really does have a girly ass.

And let’s not overlook the funniest thing of all about his sick pictures he took of himself..and that is just how small his little package actually is squeezed into those tight panties.  You really are a loser Russell and I am glad you will never be seen dropping the puck at local hockey events, posing for a photo-op with international dignitaries or giving another order for as long as you live.  For now on, you will be the one taking orders!  If I were the one in charge my first order would be…GO TO HELL RUSSELL.


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