POEM: Your Bloody Shores of Horror

Your Bloody Shores of Horror, by doctor joey only

by Doctor Joey Only

I once had a band who follored me far,
for three or four hours we’d sing in a bar,
after six or ten days of driving in cars,
all for one moment to stroke my guitar,
I had a band who follored me far but,
in these dark days I don’t know where they are,
my songs are dried up and my words are all charred,
abandoned by my band and won’t be a star,
randomly abandoned in this world so damn hard.

You might not think so but today I now know,
what dying in a deserts like when I fled Mexico,
been following a dream like going up north,
leaving my home as a last resort,
you have more hope than you might be worth,
there is no mercy on heaven or on earth,
Sheriff Joe patrols the border preventing disorder,
to dress you in pink for deporters orders,
leaves you in deserts with burdens on shoulders,
the sun is so hot you burn and you smolder,
you’re trying to die and slowly roll over,
till thirst overtakes you and bear deathly odors,
when vultures fly in and peck your bones over,
emaciated mess with no meat on your terror,
leaving the family was prob’ly an error,
human beings dead from American dreaming,
in a wasteland of Arizonian hatred,
screaming  & shrieking & screaming not speaking,
the desert is empty and words have no meaning,
don’t let me die, randomly abandoned while fleeing,
emptiness is the last thing you’ll be perceiving.

Been self destructed, lonely & resurrected,
lungs & brains infected from choices elected,
the sort of loneliness you feel when you walk,
into a gas chamber for a harmless shower,
you’re naked and broken exposing your cock,
with friends & family & neighbors & strangers,
to all die from the Nazi murderers and traitors,
you’re all together & naked & emaciated & wasted,
in darkness that’s tasteless from madness now faceless,
you’re undressed & vulnerable & gas is pourin over all,
Zyklon B similarity you share with polarity,
you choke & you gasp & try to breathe & grasp,
what humanity is doing not learning from past,
you’re all together and altogether lonely,
you’re children die next to you & are unrecognizeable in the ruin,
so dark there’s nothin doin but dyin real soon.

You get abandoned on streets of business men’s feets,
a nickel or quarter or spaghetti you plead,
or a beer or a whisky or some shwaggy weed,
there’s so many things a person might need,
homelessness is the absence of friends taking you in,
the only comfort left is sherry wine, listerine, heroin,
I once sang songs & people listened,
but they all left me & left me in ruins,
abandoned & goddamned & talkin shit about me,
like good ex-friends who no longer pretend,
that wrecks like me even matter to them,
that one of my songs was worth listening.

It’s exactly how I imagined it would end,
kicked in the guts by my nutty depression,
lost in the throes of my manic obsessions,
no cure is imagined by any religion,
cause I am abandoned & you can’t understand it,
my futures a sewer & I am butt shit.

Madness terrorizes a lump behind mine eyes,
a brains that’s betrayed me,
and is worth less than french fries,
maggots inside turn into flies,
leave out my ears bound for the skies,
I’m just an insect that you all despise,
even the maggots abandoned my life,
I’ll lie here & die, worms crawling all night,
a homeless Mexican ex-musician gassed by Nazi henchmen,
in a desert devoid of reason,
where there’ll never be a new rainy season,
the thought of helping me’s considered treason,
the reality pulsing me into convulsions.

I had a home Santa Clause overflown,
and threw coal at my door,
more full of stones than dinosaur bones,
Jehova’s Witnesses/Mormons pass by,
refusing to come inside to testify,
I want their company, would gladly comply,
I look out the window some & curse everyone,
who abandoned this damned man,
I’m cursing at god and even at Satan.

My own father wouldn’t talk to me,
but loved his own daughters,
I wish I could send him like a sheep to the slaughter,
in barns abandoned by laws & by order,
the abattoir is run by Nazi’s & a reservoir,
of guts & blood becomes the 8th sea,
patrolled by sharks & u-boats of Nazi’s,
firing at gutless goats where I float,
1000 miles from the nearest rope,
of a Coast Guard boat that promises hope.

I float alone in a lonely in a bloody sea of desolation,
unable to swim, sharks can’t hone in,
but I’m still feelin grimmer than psalms & hymns,
in the sea of blood where I am abandoned,
my birth was random, my life was damned,
& my death is the only relief I imagine.


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