Music On The Mountain Festival…A Great Official Conclusion To My Summer

Music On The Mountain Festival…A Great Official Conclusion To My Summer
a report by dr.joey only

What a summer I just had.  It seemed to end in a split second, like the second that I drove away from Music On The Mountain for the second time.  The only reason I had to leave MOM Fest twice was because Kenan forgot his cymbal bag because all day wasn’t enough time to load the van.  Then we drove for 12 hours without stopping to do anything but gas up and piss out, suddenly I was in Vancouver all the way from Fort St.James British Columbia.

Later that morning my cousin got on a plane back to Ontario after an emotional exchange of hugs, his roadie duties are over and his family duties must resume.  Leah is going up to Wells to work at Bed and Breakfast in Barkerville for a month and get some work done on the lodge.  I’m back to the grind of shifts and all those gigs have come to an end, my new album is as out there as its gonna get, for now.

We did over 50 shows in 65 days, the first 43 were a total grind as they happened in 49 days.  The whole month of August involved working mostly 4 nights a week and hopping out to festivals and shows all over BC every weekend, doing 2-3 gigs each time.  Most of those gigs you can read about on my blogs if you go back a short ways.

The last few weeks were intense, so many night shifts and such awesome weekend gigs.  Grinding through each week here at the Woodwards Social Housing Complex in the down town east side of Vancouver had me leaving work at 7AM on a Thursday or Friday and hitting the road before noon.

The first weekend I played at Spences Bridge (The Packing House) with the legendary Gerry Hannah who played acoustic guitar and sang rather than put on a punk show.  The next night we played at Kumsheen Canyon Whitewater Rafting Resort and were complimented to a half day trip down the Thompson River rapids.  The next day we returned to Vancouver to play Under The Volcano, the final episode of this great festival.  We took the main stage in the early afternoon, but the timing of our slot didn’t matter because we got to play the last ever UTV festival!

Then I worked for 4 days and concluded my final Friday morning by operating and programming another episode of SOUND RESISTANCE on Vancouver’s Co-operative Radio, such as I have been doing for 8 years now.  The show airs Fridays at 10:30-Noon.  This coming week I am back on the air with more stories to tell from the road.  I didn’t have any gigs that second weekend so my cousin and I drove up to some Hot Springs, stopped at Sutikalh (a native soveriegntist camp for all people to come learn) and swam the Thompson River in Ashcroft.

Then I went back and worked 3 days and got off on a Thursday morning and drove out to Neskonlith, a Secwepmc reserve.  We unveiled our new song there called GUNS, GOONS, AND GUSTAFSEN to the man himself, Wolverine.  We were hugely inspired to meet such warriors and activists from that community, Wolverine spent over 5 years in prison for the standoff.  Many of the young people there had fought the expansion of Sun Peaks Ski Resort because it was on the only mountain habitat of its kind in that region, it had medicinal and hunting purposes to the natives.  What a great party we had, out the door we went to Nelson BC stopping at Art Manual’s house for bar-b-q steaks on the way.  The Royal Hotel was rocking that night because the streets were shut down and people were out in them.  The final night we rocked up the Winlaw Music Fest despite my broken voice.  There we got to make new friends and party with the Brooke Wylie Band.

It was also tragic how our other friends Brian and Robin, whom we always stay with, just had their bar the Redfish Grill burn down.  They were heartbroken.  So we had to make new friends to stay with.

Then I worked three days and drove to Fort St.James, hung out with Fred Eaglesmith all weekend, the Outlaws were his backup band on Saturday and he hired Justine on the spot to join him on a tour.  The whole festival was amazing despite the lower than hoped for turnout, it was still pretty rocking and the acts were amazing.  I especially enjoyed Aurora Jane from Australia, she rocked hard!! She’s playing the Railway Club this September 1st in Vancouver…make sure you go see that.  When we played our Outlaw set my hands were freezing and gripping the guitar was difficult.

Then suddenly, bam!  It’s all over.  Feels so lonely!  Working so much now!  Don’t seem to have a life all of a sudden.  It’s pretty hard like that coming off the road.  I hope you all liked the new album, see you when I return to form in November and come east!


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