by dr.joeyonly, August 23rd 2010

I once loved a vampire who promised to me,
about life everlasting and necro-mancy,
came flying and crying and talking to me,
a devilish love our evil romancy,
till death do us part or our broken hearts,
we died forever to always be together,
but one thing about vampires or empires,
is that they always crave blood, always and forever,
wherever we go my family would cower,
she was a killer, and killing comes first,
she will always thirst as part of the curse.
They say what they say till the end of the day,
soon they will change when the sun goes away,
she sunk her teeth in another man’s neck,
she’s but a vampire, what should one expect?
It’s not adultery, it’s just plain murder,
that what she does, she’ll do it forever,
things always seemed fine when we’re together,
never in heaven, just midnight bad weather,
for all of the men that my vampire murders,
whenever we argue she says I’ve not heard her,
till such a day when she went out too late,
a village lynch mob burned her at the stake,
thus driving a nail deep into my heart,
I live forever and still we’re apart,
I warned about all this from the start.
I begged her to end this blood lusting spree,
if we were to spend an eternity,
she had to cease and desist just because,
she had to give her vampire ways up,
but the mob it has lynched my lover to death,
who was already dead and needed no breath,
she was a special sort of vampire,
who spilled cops and lawyers and political liars,
she was a killer that was up for hire,
an assassin who sends you down to a hellfire,
a killer she was, vampire anarchist,
there’s so many ways that she will be missed,
like all of the ways we were romantic,
now that she’s gone, I again eat garlic.

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