new poem by joey only: THERE’S NO SEX IN HEAVEN!!

a new poem by Joey Only, August 23rd 2010

I made love to a heavenly angel,
I lay her down in a bed of cloud,
goddamn I was proud when I made her moan loud,
I knew god was watching but I never gave in,
I only had one chance to finish my sin,
orgasming angel, she’s having fun
on her way to becoming a heavenly demon,
Moses commands while virgin Mary’s crying,
Christ is regretting having died for my sins,
but my heavenly angels repeatedly orgas-ming.

I lay her down in a bed of cloud and confessed,
like she was a priestess, I admit to my best,
the lust I have lived as I kiss her breasts,
confessing and getting my sins off my chest,
I promise my angel that I tried my best,
I tried my best to be the worst in the west,
who gives a great twist, not on Santa’s list,
even this angel wishes to taste from my lip.

She spreads her wings and other good things,
I lay down within them and give her a ring,
we share all our stories, all the songs we can sing,
we live in heaven and can fix anything,
we can get married and right all our wrongs,
we can have harps, write beautiful songs,
we can live in the sky cause I have died,
or find an old house and go live inside,
haunt the old farm with my angel bride,
we can have fun and become poltergeists,
we can just walk right through prison cells,
find someone who needs guardian angels,
a good hearted criminal who mistakenly fell,
to a very low point but can avoid hell,
find a good hearted criminal locked up inside,
and fill his head with why Jesus Christ died,
God’s sense of humor, it just might surprise,
a good hearted criminal who lets him inside.

I had an adulterous angel and tried,
to do sexy things till one day when I died,
soon she left me for a guy who’s still alive,
betrayed by an angel, for weeks I just cried,
I took my own life, she is why I died,
united in afterlife with my angel bride,
you should have seen our wedding day pride,
a match made in heaven ancestors were saying,
for me on earth my families were praying,
meanwhile I smiled as she walked the aisle,
we both wore robes because that’s what’s in style,
within a few weeks she’d broken my heart,
within a few days we were totally apart,
that was when God decided to start,
making his angels without private parts,
they only love God, he’s taken their hearts,
their is no need for fucking or loving,
there’s no sex in heaven, it’s bread is unleavened,
there is no porno and there is no sin,
there is no sex at all up in heaven!


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