OUTLAW BAND Tour Blog Part 2

June 29th, Edmonton:  We drove from Heidi’s in Winnipeg up to Guy and Anna’s in Saskatoon for the night.  Guy used to be in Five Star Homeless.  Then we hit Edmonton right as a killer thunderstorm rolled through and unloaded in the rain.  The Haven Social Club was nice.  It was a punk coffee shop years ago that I played in.  I didn’t even recognize the room until someone told me, before that I was thinking how I had played in a room with the same dimensions.  We played with Austin Lucas from the USA, nice guys and gals with great songs…but they still had that American thing where I felt like they really didn’t like our country or something.  It’s this undiscernable thing that Yanks just give off.  We drank all of the beer the club set aside for both bands, and we liked it.  We stayed at a punk house that night.

June 30th, Canmore:  We drove back to the Can-ho and rocked that bar as always.  Only good times there.  Kenan played in the mountains and we all enjoyed our time off.

July 1st, Edmonton: A great show at a punk bar called Hooliganz with Whisky Wagon and the Give Em Hell Boys.  Then we went back to the Calaboose and drank our faces off cause Landon from WW bought a Texas Mickey.  We ploughed through that bottle of Jack in two days, jammed for six hours and had a hot tub party at Landon’s parents where I blacked out and was carried to bed.  That was a painful experience.

July 3rd, Edmonton:  We played an afternoon gig at the Blackdog and kicked ass.  Had dinner with my friend Brendan and partied at Mike from the Give Em Hell Boys with  a big bonfire.

July 7, Calgary:  We stayed in Nanton for a few days.  Mike and Justine went different ways and we all met up at Vern’s in Calgary.  Seemed like the owner didn’t give a rats ass about us and the show was pretty friggin pathetic.  He could have at least wrote our names on the chalkboard outside….let alone print three of the posters I know I e-mailed him.  My players are awesome and they felt really insulted, which means I have to defend them.

July 8, Fernie BC: A totally kick ass show, each band member had their own pitcher of beer on stage and we brought the house right down.  They fed us a huge meal and put us up in a great hostel space where we had our own place to ourselves.  We deciced to drag our friend Andrew out to Twin Butte with us.

July 9th, Twin Butte AB:  What an amazing time, we ate and drank as much as we pleased and stayed at a wonderful ranch facing the nearby Rocky Mountains.  Our show went over huge and they paid us well for it begging us to come back whenever we wanted.

July 10th, Nanton AB: Always fun at the Auditorium, too bad almost all of our friends were out of town.

July 11th, Calgary: We opened for Fred Eaglesmith at the Palomino and blew the audience away with a one hour high energy set.  Fred’s band loved us and dressed us up in all sorts of clothes.  We stayed with our actor friend Pat Macheachern for the next few days.   Fred’s show was unbelievable.

July 12th, Calgary:  A huge hailstorm really killed the Stampede atmosphere, nobody was out after that and it was miserable outside.  Our show was the first poorly attended Palomino night we’d ever had…but we still rocked the bar and made everyone who worked there very happy.

July 13th-14th, Banff:  We played two nights, the first was not well attended but the second night was bumping.  Bar was full of crazy drunks acting really crazy.  A cool thing was the the band UNITED STEELWORKERS OF MONTREAL came to see us and were surprised that we never took a set break for several hours.

July 15th, Edson: We drove the Icefields Parkway up to Jasper to get to Edson, what a magical road!  Very accoustic and small show, but we were fed and got some good leads as to where to play next time.  All in all the tour has gone well.  We stayed with our friend Marianne and David in Jasper that night…I had another early morning asthma attack so Marianne gave me her puffer after David jumped out of bed and ran to her work to grab it for me.  What a life saver, it’s scary not being able to breathe.

So far, Kenan’s been playing on every mountain he can find.  Zinger sells CD’s to everyone so he can take his percentage.  Rowan cooks food on the go and he and Justine both use internet.  Justine Leah and I sleep as much as possible and we’re all tired after one full month on the road…but in good spirits.  We are very tight and sound awesome!!


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