Outlaw Band Summer Tour Updates and Stories

June 15th – Vancouver – We did two shows before the tour started in the same night.  Justine had just returned from a month on the road with Ethan Colister.  We did an early show at the Woodwards Social Housing building for the residents and a photoshoot with Colin Xavier on the roof.  Then we headlined a benefit for the Artswells Festival.  We met our friend Ryan who leant us a car for tour, extra thanx to him.  Ryan and I also are remembering the loss of our friend Kasper at the time, a former Woodwards Squatter.  On another note, we were 3rd overall on the folk/roots/blues charts which is released every Tuesday.

June 16 – Vancouver – Getting ready for the big trip, did an interview over the phone from Lethbridge.

June 17 – Nelson – We played the Royal in town.  Small but very enthusiastic crowd, nice meal, nice hostel.

June 18 – Winlaw – Did another radio interview in the morning.  Disapointing turnout, great time though with our friends Robin and Bryan who run Nelsons Redfish Grill.

June 19 – Sirdar – Sirdar’s Sasquatch Ribs are the best thing ever cooked.  Rob and Brenda are a great pair.  The bar wasn’t full of people but they were totally rowdy for all the Outlaw country classic covers.  They were yelling and carrying on at me so loud I could barely hear my own players.

June 20 – Nelson – We played brunch at the Royal acoustically, did a live radio feed from Mountain FM, interview plus two live songs.  Unfortunate guitar difficulties didn’t help my cause.  Took the ferry back to Sirdar and watched a lightning storm over Kootenay Lake and the Salmo Pass while partying and jamming with Rob and Brenda and that whole wonderful Sidar crew.

June 21 – Lethbridge – Long day of driving, lightning storm through Crowsnest Pass forced us to slow down.  Big lightning strike very close to the van as we drove past Sparwood.  In Lethbridge everyone did different things, Kenan went drinking in the river valley.  Leah and I met a strange mentally ill man and talked with him for a while.  The show that night was very weird.  A really rich guy bought half the nights stage so he and his buddies could play.  He upped our gaurantee, paid for us to drink our faces off so much as we wanted, bought late night rounds of food for everyone and put us up in an appartment for two days and nights.

June 22 – Lethbridge – Medicine Hat gig cancelled, the town got flooded badly and we hear the Trans-Canada highway is shut down still.  Oil changes for the vehicles and limited shopping.  We watched some movies, only I really paid any attention to Rambo First Blood, AC/DC Live and Rush Live.  We hear from Joelle on the text message that this week we charted 2nd in the country for folk/roots/blues on the Earshot independent charts.  The only person above us in Fred Eaglesmith.

June 23 – Regina – The detour around the Trans-Canada highway adds 200km and more to our day.  We play to a busy house at Bushwakkers after I all but demanded they feed us or we’d leave.  We did make about $300 even though they would give us any booze or rooms to stay in.  We stayed with this strange but wonderfully funny office type guy who had this great place, Ewan did anything and everything to make us comfortable…including sleeping on the floor of his closet so we could use the bed.

June 24 – Brandon – Ate well at Lady of the Lake after a long drive.  Played to a small but highly receptive audience.  Only made $90 but Kaella allowed us to stay with her family (who owns the restaurant) for two nights which allowed us to all get some extra down time around some great people.  Kenan and I got hammered with these strange girls till 4AM on rum, I hurt bad the next day.

June 25 – Brandon – Slept late and hurt a lot, ate at A&W for lunch, had a long bath and smoked lots of weed.  Had a bar-b-q with the Brandon Folk Fest people, great food…found them to be nice people despite rumblings around town of all these small city politics that I don’t really want anything to do with.  We went to set up at the Doubledekker when a crazy storm came through.  Very tornadic weather, heavy rains and downdraft winds so strong I could barely stand up on my feet.  Then we played to a mainly full bar but not packed or sold out by any means, Cheering For the Bad Guy opened the show with some hilarious and strange songs.  Later people were dancing on the tables while we drank hard for free.

June 26 – Winnipeg – Drove through tornadic weather as parts of Manitoba were flooding.  Found one of my best friends Dr.Rimke and hung out.  She tells me my friend Roger has been arrested in Ottawa with the RBC Bank bombing getting pinned on him.  It’s hard to believe he would do that, he’s pretty old now and has a real bad ticker…I also doubt any of my comrades would ever film their own crimes.  We watched on CBC Newsworld more of our friends being swept up and arrested at the G20 Summit in Toronto.  Later we went to the show which actually sucked a lot.  I enjoyed Joe Vickers band especially, Audio Rocketry, but the night was a dud.  The anarchist bar, so called anarchist, didn’t do a great job for us.  We have lots of supporters in Winnipeg who would come see us, they didn’t even know if they had a sound system at first for us.  It was all late starting, the door guy didn’t harrass anybody to pay and all his friends just walked in like he wasn’t even there.  We made nothing and then my amp conked out somehow at the end and I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with it there.  In the end I was disappointed to see that anarchists and the left in general have never taken my art and musical work seriously nor have they given me the credit I probably deserve.  A little bit of work they could have filled that bar, our last show in Winnipeg was a great one but that was two years ago. Much wasn’t done.  On another note, Keno took off on his own and probably got lucky though he aint talking loudly…his smiling on Sunday afternoon told the story.

June 27 – Winnipeg – Still at Dr.Rimke’s relaxing.  I talked on the phone to a variety of different old friends, some who were just leaving Toronto and the cop crazy summit and others who had just seen Roger in the jail that morning.  For us here it’s rain and the odd rumble with a high percentage chance of bar-b-que’s tonight.

Amp still broken, have to make it to Saskatoon tomorrow and Edmonton the next night.  Not sure how to get it all done, but glad to be with the doctor here in Winnipeg.

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