Our Condolences to YOU SAY PARTY WE SAY DIE and Gathering Details

(gathering details below)

Last Friday April 16th YOU SAY PARTY WE SAY DIE was playing at the Rickshaw Theatre on Hastings Street when drummer Devon Clifford collapsed off the kit. Soundman Brian stopped the show and knew right away something was wrong. 24 hours later it was us THE JOEY ONLY OUTLAW BAND playing on that very stage where Devon suffered the anuerysm, at about the same time we were rocking Devon died.

He was just a young man playing in a great rock band, the only good angle to the whole story was that he left us all doing something that he loved. Of course that put a sour taste in the mouth of everyone working and hanging out at the Rickshaw for our CD release party that night. Standing on the same stage itself was just plain upsetting.

Devon also worked for the same social services agency that I (joey) work for called Portland Hotel and Community Services Society (PHS) in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastisde. The Outlaws would like to formally express our regret and condolences to Devon’s family and to his band. There’s many better ways to lose a drummer! Our solidarity is with you YSPWSD, and if you need or want anything you can ask us. Hell, you can come into any of our shows this year for free if you’d like. Anything we can do to take the sting out of it for you.

Anyway, here’s some details for a party happening at Funky Winker Beans that was sent around the PHS e-mail lists today…and if you want to come and see everyone and debrief about it over some beers, this is as good of time as any….cheers, love and rage…

-joeyonly and the whole outlaw band ———————————————————————————————————————————– Devon was the most amazing person. He was loved by a lot of people and it’s important for those people to have a place to go to grieve and more importantly to celebrate a person who embraced life and lived it to its fullest.

He was handsome, cool, intelligent, talented, witty and had comedic timing most could only ever wish for. Just thought it’d be nice to have a place we can get together and share stories about a most excellent person.

Probably gonna have a donation box with proceeds going to the family. If you know someone who loved Devon please feel free to invite them. Not everyone feels comfortable at funerals but everyone feels comfortable at Funky Winkerbeans! this is the facebook event: http://www.facebook.com

/event.php?eid=115356041820087&ref=ts **Special thanks to Niki Kendall and Classic Rock Tuesdays thanks for everything guys



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