Dreaming of a Blue Iginla

Dreaming of a Blue Iginla, by Dr.Joey Only

I have been called crazy before, lately I been having these insane hockey related nightmares.  I have been thinking a lot about the sort of players we want on this new Maple Leaf team day and night, and there are a handful whose names I just can’t get out of my head, when I sleep at night they skate into my dreams.

I wake up in a panicking sweat yelling, ‘no, Brayden Schenn can not be an LA King!’.

Then I roll over and see Colby Armstrong signing with Ottawa instead of Toronto and I wake up screaming to my wife’s dismay.  I have fantasies about Lucic getting traded and nightmares about Kovulchuck’s convoluted ego coming to Toronto…but none of these dreams are as powerful as my dream about a BLUE IGINLA.

I’m not surprised to hear that ESPN.com is whispering that the Leafs are interested in Jerome Iginla.  There is something powerful about the idea of Calgary’s captain coming to Toronto.  It’s been on my mind for weeks, it’s just so logical to me that I can’t see how it would be possible for Brian Burke to not take a shot at landing him.

I don’t think Calgary can keep their captain anymore.  They have blown their team up when they thought they were putting together a contender for this years Cup, but I knew White, Hagman, Mayers and Stajan could not do for Calgary what they failed to do for Toronto.  The Flames threw away their meanest and arguably most talented defencemen in Dion Phanuef when they should have rid themselves of Bouwmeester.  The Flames have no prospects in the bank, a payroll that leaves them no room to budge and a team that could do no better then the 2007 Leafs could.  If the Flames could slip into next years playoffs with the sort of team they have now I could not imagine that they would do any better than they have the last number of years, perennially succumbing to a humiliating 1st round arse kicking.

The truth is Iginla is their biggest asset, of all the players they now have nobody has the skill set to get the Flames a good return and set the franchise up to be a future powerhouse once again.  It was in this way that Joe Niewendyk was traded to Dallas in the 90’s, they dropped their captain in return for a prospect named Jerome Iginla.  That one trade gave Calgary 10 good years of hockey, now it is time to repeat that trade and rebuild their organization once again.

If they fail to trade Iginla Calgary could very well end up in a situation like Toronto did with Matts Sundin. They didn’t dump Sundin when they should have, then the media and fans broke their captains heart to a degree where he felt so under-appreciated for all he had done in Toronto that he did not care to become a chip to help the team rebuild.  If there hadn’t have been all that hostility towards Matts in the end, he would have resigned in Toronto and stayed here until his retirement.  I would gladly have had Sundin stay a Leaf until retirement but the hostility in Toronto towards the captain forced him to consider moving on in that off-season of 08.

“If they don’t want me here and they want to move in a direction or rebuild or believed they could do better, I would look at it,” the Calgary Flames captain said as the players packed up their belongings at the Pengrowth Saddledome.

I’m sure Iginla would like to stay in Calgary the same way Sundin wanted to retire in Toronto…but the truth is, he will do the team more good by leaving now than he could by staying.  If Iginla is going to go anywhere Brian Burke owes it to Leafs Nation to do everything he can to keep Iginla off the rosters of our enemies.  Nobody in Canada wants to see Jerome playing for an American team, he must stay in Canada. He’s not going to Vancouver but I am sure Ottawa and Montreal would love to take Jerome on…and that must not happen either, that would be a disaster for Leafs fans.

It’s possible that we could swing a trade to Calgary if we were to offer draft picks and Kaberle.  We do need to rid ourselves of Grabovski, Mitchell, Van Ryn, Finger and Exelby but I can’t see that Calgary would really need anymore of the sort of players that they represent.  Calgary is going to want a future.  The question I have to you bloggers and readers out there is are you willing to pay the price to make Iginla your new Captain?

The price could very well be Nazem Kadri along with a few other throw ins like Grabovski.

Ideally if we could land Iginla in a trade without including Kaberle we’d be in a great position to move forward as then we could use Kaberle to pick up another elite forward.  Suddenly we would have a pretty hot line-up of power forwards, a defence corps and two reliable goal-tenders!  I can imagine that there would be some Leaf die-hards that would be enraged at the idea of trading away our top prospect for Jerome Iginla, they would point to our history of throwing away top prospects for duds (ie rask for raycroft).

But this isn’t Raycroft we’re talking about, it’s Captain Canada himself, JEROME IGINLA.  This trade would be right up there with Dougie Gilmour’s arrival in Toronto.  He scores, he fights, he hits, he leads…he’s a friendly face to the media, a good talker, a humble leader and a power forward of Rocket Richards ilk.  If Kadri was the price to pay for a few years of having Jerome as our captain, I would begrudgingly willing to make that deal.  After all, I dream of a Blue Iginla!  Come on Burkie…make it so!! -joey

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