Attention ALL my friends and comrades!! This is the weekend I need you the MOST!! Come witness the return of the JOEY ONLY OUTLAW BAND as we release our newest record TRANSGRESSION TRAIL!! Here’s the details plus info on shows in Chilliwack, Kamloops and news on our growing list of websites!

!!!SATURDAY APRIL 17th 2010 in VANCOUVER BC!!!Joey Only’s 31st birthday and… !!!


JOEY ONLY OUTLAW BAND with SPECIAL GUESTS: Brooke Wylie and the Coyotes Cowpuncher and Kent McCalister

RICKSHAW THEATER: 245 East Hastings at Main Street $15 at the door, one night only new CD is on sale $5!!! doors at 8pm, show starts by 9pm and no later…be there…

$20 gets you a CD and a show, consider that the album will sell in stores for $20 and you have a great deal. Some of our best friends will be joining us on stage that night as Calgary’s Brooke Wylie brings her act to Vancouver with her new album Heart On The Line in hand. Joining Brooke will be Hurricane Harley and Guy Perrin formerly of Saskatoon’s best rockabilly band Five Star Homeless. Then add Matt Olah of Calgary’s Cowpuncher and Vancouver super-hero Kent McCalister. Just because you don’t know them doesn’t mean that they aren’t totally spectacular bands!!

listen at: (

Transgression Trail is Joey Only’s finest recording work so far. Co-produced between Joey himself, Corwin Fox and Steve Loree each of the 12 songs tells a new chapter of Joey’s struggle for survival. As he has crisscrossed the country he has suffered madness, tuberculosis, imprisonment, car accidents, harassment, mistakes, addictions, tornadoes, lost love and love gained. The list goes on. The Trans-Canada highway has become more familiar to him than his own home and this album is an extensive explanation in Canadiana folk music terms. They are truly Canada’s baddest outlaw country band who has taken the DIY (do it yourself) ethics of punk rock and applied it folk/country music. He has never accepted grants or offers from labels, has no management and no support from the industry…yet they are one of the most in demand folk groups in Canada this year.

Songs track by track:

1.THE GHETTO BIRDZ – about the wildlife at Vancouver’s Main and Hastings intersection, crows, seagulls and rats

2.GREYHOUNDIN GUITAR MAN – Joey recalls crisscrossing the east coast November 2006 with Rae Spoon and Cap’n Cops.

3.BIRTHDAY BLIZZARD BUSRIDE BLUES – April 2008 Joey travels from Quesnel to Nanton Alberta on his birthday despite a snowstorm.

4.TOBY’S TRAIL OF TEARS – Former Outlaw Tobias Meis adds a bass solo to say good-bye to the band and introduces the next song.

5.TRANSGRESSION TRAIL – the story of a historical cowboy named Rex whose infidelities become known far and wide, I’ve met his ghost at the Auditorium Hotel and made his mistakes myself.

6.MANITOBA MAKE-UP – while touring with Five Star Homeless an incident at Riding Mountain National Park got carried away.

7.WICKED WHISKEY, NO CONTROL – if it aint whiskey it’s something else. It is not the booze that’s the problem, it actually goes deeper than that.

8.HONKY TONKY HOCKEY – I don’t think moving to Nashville would make me a star, but I might beable to afford catching an NHL game more than once every 5 years.

9.PUNK ROCK COUNTRY BAND – there is no other folk group in Canada with the attitude and style of Joey Only Outlaw Band!!

10.HALIGONIAN HELLRIDE – the true story of a 2009 tour to Halifax with Kingston rockabilly band Liqourbox.

11.MID-WEST FESTIVAL – in 1997 Steve Trube and I hitch hiked to Bushnell Illinois to attend a festival, we were young and dumb and many times afraid for our lives.

12.THAT ONE LAST SONG – don’t take things for granted, life comes and goes quicker than we are ever ready for!! Maybe by the time you get this e-mail one of us will have left the earth for good…you just never know!



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